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Add some bling to your pegs – a quick Christmas craft

Twitter is all a flutter with Christmas craft today so in an effort to get in the festive spirit (totally a month too early) I pimped some pegs.

I am always looking for ways to creatively display Christmas cards as our mantel piece doesn’t cut it as it is normally covered in mugs, old birthday cards, lost keys and lovely things that are meant to be on show (but you can’t appreciate because of all the mugs/cards/lost property on there.)

Pegs and string are a great option. But these are Next Level pegs. With just a few things-  glue, ribbon, scrabble letters, a lick of paint,  pearls- a £1 pack of wooden pegs are transformed into bejwelled festive card exhibitors. And guess what? Yep, they take 2 minutes. I just used up what I had (I tried a few different options of the above but settled on quite a simple combo) but am now going to keep my eyes peeled for little things in charity shops that could adorn a peg. Imagine some vintage lace and buttons. Yes. Yes. YES!

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  1. man, your craftiness is so cool and inspirational! you’ve also inspired me to make stuff so am learning to sew 🙂

    • Ah that is so excellent, do you know Olga I have a feeling you will make the BEST sewer. You are so diligent, patient and appreciate beauty, you’ll find the lovliest fabrics and make the most handy things. Can’t wait to see some of it soon! X

  2. I love the scrabble pieces. I used to have a bracelet made of scrabble pieces but someone stole it. 😦 Brilliant idea for Christmas card holders. 🙂

    • Scrabble pieces rock my world- our house is filled with them. They are expensive to buy on eBay but you can often find scrabble sets at carboots for less than a quid.
      Bracelet sounds lush- brick lane Handmade market has a stall with scrabble jewellery.

      I made hair clips out of them but my sister said it just looked like I had fallen a sleep and got stuff stuck in my backcombage.

  3. Brilliant idea and well done for coing up with something for Thrifty Thursday. I’ve failed two weeks in a row now…

  4. Ah most excellent! I need a new outlet for my scrabble tiles :0)

  5. Thought I’d investigate the scrabble pegs (and hope I could comment this time…fingers crossed) I love them! I also love the idea of using old buttons, which I am totally addicted to. Definitely going to do this one!

    • Oh hooray! Also, a tip I didn’t know when I made these- if you put pva and water (homemade mod podge) on the fabric/ ribbon before you cut it and let it dry it turns quite papery and can be cut without fraying!

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