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Add some bling to your pegs – a quick Christmas craft

Twitter is all a flutter with Christmas craft today so in an effort to get in the festive spirit (totally a month too early) I pimped some pegs.

I am always looking for ways to creatively display Christmas cards as our mantel piece doesn’t cut it as it is normally covered in mugs, old birthday cards, lost keys and lovely things that are meant to be on show (but you can’t appreciate because of all the mugs/cards/lost property on there.)

Pegs and string are a great option. But these are Next Level pegs. With just a few things-  glue, ribbon, scrabble letters, a lick of paint,  pearls- a £1 pack of wooden pegs are transformed into bejwelled festive card exhibitors. And guess what? Yep, they take 2 minutes. I just used up what I had (I tried a few different options of the above but settled on quite a simple combo) but am now going to keep my eyes peeled for little things in charity shops that could adorn a peg. Imagine some vintage lace and buttons. Yes. Yes. YES!