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Peppa Pig Live Tickets Giveaway!

Ramona is in love with Peppa Pig. In LOVE.  When she broke her leg back in February, and I was seeking ways to comfort and distract her (apart from by covering her in porridge etc) we came across it on Youtube and giggled our way through episode after episode. And now, at least once an hour, for the last ten months, she has enquired “Peppa Pig? Me? Watch?” It is incredibly hard to get her to wear anything other than the two Peppa Pig shirts she has – to the point where I am currently working out how to stitch pig faces with scraps of fabric onto exisiting items… (Cor, I am a cheapskate mum.)

I don’t really mind, she isn’t emulating the grunty snorts and there ARE worse characters to love- at least Peppa is feisty and strong and independent, eh?  And I suspect she’ll grow out of this amore by the time it comes to choosing a life partner.

Ramona enjoying the Paralympics with Peppa

When Ramona saw the poster for Peppa Pig Live at the Criterion Theatre she was enthralled. It was pinned on the notice board at Tim’s rugby club and I couldn’t budge her. She stood in front of it, mouth open, gob smacked that Peppa Pig had followed her here! Of all places!

So, you can imagine how completely delighted I am to get to take her and a chum to the show in December. I just can not wait to see her face- I get a huge grin on my own just imagining it. (Although she is a bit frightened of Daddy Pig, she hides behind me whenever he comes on, so we’ll have to see how that goes down.)

And, you know what? I have tickets for YOU too. (Well, not all of you, I’m afraid.)

To enter the giveaway for a family ticket (two adults, two children) to the 2:30pm showing on Friday 14th December simply:

  • Leave a comment below, telling me about why you fancy getting your hands on these tickets!For an EXTRA entry:
  • Like Lulastic on Facebook or share tweet this post on Twitter (mention @lulasticblog)

The winner will be picked by random selection on Friday 30th November, at 9pm. And if you don’t win you can buy tickets from for showings between 6 December and 6 January.

Thank you and good luck, my friends!

************* UPDATED 30th November*********************

And the winner is…. KAROLINA! I have emailed you 🙂 Congratulations!

So sorry to the non-winners, I wish you many hours of joyful Peppa Pig viewing on Youtube instead!!!

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  1. Hi you probably don’t remember me….both at Winton Amy in our early teens…..BUT just to say Peppa Pig live is excellent! My daughter is also slightly mad on Peppa. She was just coming up for 2 when we went in March. The puppeteers & music is great – Scarlett clung to me while staring for the first half and singing and shouting for more during the second half! Enjoying reading your blogs 🙂

  2. Ah, what is it about Peppa Pig?! My 3yo is also a huge fan – as is the neighbour’s 2yo. (Sadly, my kid does indeed do the snorty noises. Hilarious, apparently.) So yeah, we’d love the tickets!

  3. So basically I’m in love with you and your wonderful blog! The reason winning tickets to Peppa Pig would be especially special for us is because we really love watching her too. My little treasure Iona would be so so thrilled.
    Thank you for your wisdom, insight and creativity xx

  4. OMG OMG OMG how I lived in your amazing part of the world, my lil man is obsessed with Peppa pig, he is getting the soft toys for Christmas, and I am getting a custom made MC nappy made for him with the whole family on it….but sadly I live in lil old NZ!
    Hope you and the lil lady greatly enjoy it!!!!!

  5. My Violet would produce squeals of delight to match any piggy. She adores Peppa pig & I have to admit, I’m pretty fond of her too! Fingers crossed for the comp & thanks for doing it

  6. Would love to win this as my little ones adore all things Peppa! Follow via google reeder and tweeted too @gingerbread_mum

  7. Hi Lucy! Francesca comes in the door of the house and every time says: ‘I watch Peppa Pig please mummy?’ . She does the snorts, sings the songs and today even recited quite a bit of the episode word for word! I think she would be beside herself with excitement should we be the lucky ones to win the prize! Also, mummy and daddy don’t mind watching either – can be quite amusing!

  8. My little Sid has been the best big brother to his 5 month old twin sisters. It’s been really hard for him sharing his mum. Sid loves peppa pig and muddy puddles. What a treat it would be to win the competition!

  9. My daughter turned 2 today and has just discovered Peppa pig. Your offer is fantastic and would be most appreciated by a little one (and of course her parents!) especially so near to Christmas I’m sure her big brother would love to go too.

    Oink oink (thank you)
    Rrrrarrr (if your George!)

  10. I’d love to go because my girls, me and their dad too jumping in muddy puddles!

  11. We always come back to peppa as well, in sickness and in health ;0) my little girl would be beside herself if we got to go to a live show. ( I wouldn’t mind either..) thanks a lot x

  12. Ooo I have a little lady and slightly bigger nephew who would love to go. This evening Millie put on his George pjs over her clothes (with help from her other cousins) as she loves it. I also love the bits that are put in to amuse the older ‘kids’ like when mr fox pokes his head into the rabbits home and says ‘i can smell dinner’ or when daddy pig is stuck on the other side of the pond with the wolves and daddy wolf says he is hungry….hmm perhaps we watch it too much 🙂

  13. Hi, really enjoyed reading your blog and I think you little girl Ramona is super cute!
    I entering in chance to win some tickets for my friends who have children and thy love Peppa Pig! I think it would make a real nice Xmas present!
    Thank you and good luck with everything!!


  14. Oh Peppa Pig – you and your chums mean the world to my daughter. She would love to see the show.

  15. Would love this, Ellie’s not been very well this w/e so we trumped off to the Dr this am with me referencing Pedro Pony’s cough and seeing Dr Brown bear – Ellie was good as gold with being examined (even ears and throat). & the Dr in her eyes was Dr Brown Bear – as we left she kept saying “Dr Bear!”

  16. Can’t say no to a bit of Peppa Pig. Gilrs love her 🙂

  17. We’d love to go to see Peppa on stage, my daughter has been obsessed for a year and shows no sign of growing out of her love at all, Peppa bubbles in the bath, Peppa in her bed, Peppa spaghetti for tea. you name it, we love it!

  18. Hi – my little girl loves Peppa Pig, and she’s got a rotten cold at the moment so this would really cheer her up


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