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Seasonal rituals – welcoming autumn

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Since becoming a mother I have had a much greater desire to ritualise life. Not in an oppressive, unflexible, establishment kind of a way but as an opportunity to celebrate and add significance to moments that might just pass us by. To give our little family moments to reflect on the subtle shifting of the weather, to welcome change and participate in often ancient customs.

Ramona is an urban baby, the sirens of emergency vehicles have been her lullabies since birth, and her sleep is in rhythm with the hum of the night bus outside our window, but I still see how nature captures her heart. We kick around in the leaves together, chase the squirrels and taste the blackberries. She is fascinated by feathers and conkers and will make a collection of knobbly odds and thistly ends to bring home (and I’ll spend some time convincing her the soggy cigerette buts and manky bottle caps needn’t come home with us too…)

A for autumn, obvs

I remember the first time Ramona came out in the rain with me, it hadn’t really rained for ages so she was about 2 months old. She was in the sling, under an umberalla and I was trying to hush her off to sleep. But she wasn’t having any of it; her eyes wide, her arms flailing out, making these mews that surely meant: WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!! Transfixed.

There is something good about being in tune with the seasons. To eat with them,  craft of them,  dress for them, and bring a little bit of them inside your home. We pin up strings of the most magnificently coloured leaves and fill vases with spiky chestnuts. A shelf of nature, rusty trinkets with a seasonal theme.

So (a tiny little bit reluctantly maybe!) welcome, Autumn, you blustery, finger chilling, bonfire  instigating spell! Get us ready for Christmas…

PS Have a peep at Juno Magazine’s beeyoootiful Pinterest board, Celebrating Autumn, for loads of autumnal inspiration, decorations and craft.

PPS Are you very good at living seasonally? Do your family have any cool ritual things you do?


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  1. What a lovely post. Since I had Miss C I suddenly have an urge to start little rituals around seasonal events – collecting leaves and conkers, carving a pumpkin, picking blackberries, finding snowdrops. I think it’s a nice way of creating special memories for her but perhaps I’m also enjoying re-living my childhood x

    • Yes! Tell me about it! I was scavenging for conkers like no-ones business, Ramona really had to fend for herself!!

  2. Oh what a lovely idea! Once I get over the fact that Summer’s actually over, I grow quite find of Autumn 🙂

    • Yeah, I spend the first 2 weeks of autumn going “What! You are kidding! That was summer???!” And then I love it! x

  3. I absolutely adore autumn. I love the clothes, the colours, the comforting foods. It is also like a countdown of celebrations leading to the big C. First there’s my birthday, then Halloween, then bonfire night which is my fave….a group of us walk to our local town firework display. I always have a flask of mulled wine for the grown-ups and a flask of hot choc for the kiddliwinks. That and some freshly made, still warm sausage rolls makes it all worth it!!! I’m so excited just thinking about it!

    • Yessss! You are totally getting me excited about bonfire night too. Although Ramona was really frightened by fireworks. Hope she gets it a bit more this year!

  4. Autumn I think is my favourite season too for some crazy reason. You get these cool clear days, but not too bone freezingly cool. The colours around are amazing, and there’s this kind of frenzied surrender as nature sort of does the last of its things to do before hibernating for winter. I’m looking forward to celebrating it all with you guys!

  5. Have just started some new autumn traditions with my boys – growing some pumpkins(though they have a bad case of whitefly) and foraging for elderberries and making cordial. I’m also on the hunt for some sloes!
    My eldest has a habit of collecting the biggest and most colourful leaves on the way to school and showing them to his class!

    • How wonderful of him! I can’t help but pounce on leaves, they are seriously so amazing at this time of year. I bring home beautiful ones, Ramona’s tend to be a bit rubbish heehee, she is just not picky!

  6. I’ve always loved autumn, it feels as though nature is relaxing : )
    You can’t beat searching for conkers, picking blackberries etc. – filling up the cupboard with homemade goodies. Hm, maybe I’m just a hoarder : )

  7. Lovely post as usual.i love to celebrate the seasons and all their magical currently trying to organise an evening lantern walk for the kiddies!a little something different to do in the half term!Xx

  8. Lovely post. I was a complete urban baby. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t hear the murmurs of traffic through the night. Z is complete opposite though. 🙂

  9. What a lovely and refeshing post. I have SAD so when I am not on a major downer or in front of my UV box, I take the little lady to the village and she goes conker picking, but at the moment she erm is quite into throwing them at people. i asked her where she got the idea from, “my two bug buvvers!!!”, so words will br spoken tonight. We have this beautiful park about 10 miles away and she goes picking up leaves and acorns. And a hoit chocolate stop is a must at the local park cafe. I love halloween the best, as we go on a ghost walk. Its fab!!!! I wish it was free though £25 pound it cost us, but the money does go back into the park.

  10. Love all the seasonal stuff too, whatever else is going on, I like to think we are a bit in tune with the earth. Your displays look lovely.

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