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Binalytics – what I dump and how to sort it

I love a bin. Never been afraid of a good rummage. When I was about ten I found a Los Angeles Raiders baseball cap in a bin on my way to school – I put it promptly on my head and walked in to my class feeling quite the lucky thing (they were THE LICK in my corner of south London circa 1992), until it’s origin was revealed with glee by the boy who saw me swipe it from the bin from his seat on the bus!

And you were wondering why a cute wee thing like me got bullied, eh?

Anyway, I have been having a rummage in my own bins this week in honour of  National Zero Waste Week. Because seriously, it is pretty pants that we, a try-hard-green-home, still manage to chuck out a bin bag of rubbish a week. Particularly considering the valient effort of the family who chucked out one bag in a year. 

The analysis:

Our living space and bedroom bins are basically mostly filled with things that could be recycled. Shocking, eh? It is because they really only get stuff put in them when I am having a mad dash attempt at tidying up and my surge of passion for a tidy room (about as often as a lunar eclipse) blots out all other emotions and I fear that if I bother to sort out the papery things from the other things I will never end up actually doing it. Does that make sense?

Our kitchen bin is almost entirely plastic packaging that can’t be recycled. Because we have our recycling and composting containters in the kitchen it is rare to find a recyclable in the main bin. However, there is a whole load of packaging. Things like the wrapper from the Soreen Malt Loaf (mmmmm Soreen Malt Loaf) and emergency veggie packaging when we have run out of veggies from our Riverford box.

Our bathroom situ is a DREAM. A wonderful old housemate created two bathroom bins –  a massive recycling bin and a small rubbish bin and her legacy means we only chuck a tiny bit of rubbish from the bathroom.

The solution:

Clearly for our living space and bedroom I need a SYSTEM! So that being good doesn’t interfere with getting the tidying done. As of this afternoon, downstairs we now have a recyclables bin and a normal bin and in the bedroom I have done a little divider in our normal bin (I say normal but actually it is FABULOUS with it’s midwestern fabric, courtesy of my sister).

Ramona too loves a bin, mainly because it involves Making a Mess, her special favourite hobby along with Eating Grim Things and Playing with Dangerous Objects.

I also need to do something about the food packaging. I think Infinty Foods may be the answer – buying all our things like pasta, lentils and chickpeas in bulk. But first we need to finish the kitchen and create a larder as we have some pesky and obnoxious mice stalking us at the moment. Someone hold me to this though! I have just done an Ethical Superstore order for all our cleaning products and shampoo etc- getting these in 5L bottles is a winner I think. Neither of these do Soreen Malt Loaf in bulk though- missing a trick, people. Missing. A. Trick.

So, hey, why not have a rummage in your dumpage too? There are blinking LOADS of ideas on this website if you want to get cracking on sorting it out.And then once you have looked in yours, you can look in some of the ones on the street- you might be fortunate enough to score a highly desirable fashion item from the nineties.

Happy Zero Waste week!