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Squeezing the last drops out of summer….

As summer comes to a close I am finding myself clinging to it’s remnants like the slugs that belligerently cling to my bean plants. Every evening we go for a walk before the sun sets and every spare weekend moment we swan off to a park for a picnic. I had a party yesterday and despite the distinct chill in the air we set up the garden fete-style and I served up some of my best summer refreshments in my most retro glasswear.

I just love jugs. *Beavis and Butthead snigger*

I love the patterns and the shapes so distinctive of their era. I have picked up these jugs over the summer, for between £1 and £3 each. They all came with a full set of glasses but my clumsiness coupled with our tough ceramic sink sorted that cup-overload pretty pronto.

So guests mostly drank their fine juice out of Nutella glasses…

Lemon, Lime and Bitters

This is a classic Kiwi drink. It has a tiny dash of alcohol in the Aromatic Bitters but not nearly enough to count, only enough to add a depth of flavour.

A dash of Aromatic Bitters (available from Of Licences)


Lime Cordial

The juice of half a lemon

Slices of Lemon/limes and ice to serve

Mix it all in your jug and serve super chilled

Mint Tea

A sprig of mint per person

A teaspoon of sugar per person (or to taste)


Let the mint sit in boiing water, in a tea pot, until cool.

Pour into jug (leave wilted mint) and add fresh mint, sliced apple and ice to serve!

Lemon Tea (Caffeine Free)

I brewed two cups of Rooibos/ Redbush Tea

The Juice of a Lemon

A teaspoon of sugar per person (or to taste)

Ice and sliced lemon to serve

This is just a plain old jug of water but fancied up with extra lemon, lime and apple. In New Zealand you can tell the coolness of a cafe by how much crazy shizzle they have in their free jugs of water. The fairly cool ones will have cucumber and celery along with their lemons – adding a nice hint to the taste- but the hyper hipster cafes have moved right on and have forgone the lemons for jugs of potatoes and parsnips. (Jokes.) Just to firm up my status as a hyper hipster I went Next Level and served up jugs of stubborn slugs. Mwhaha.

Linking up with that master of craft, and bargains, Missie Lizzie B and the luscious Lakota’s Ta-Dah Tuesday!