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A posh ceremony and bargain glamour

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It is not every night you tuck a loofah under your hair and get on the bus to a posh awards ceremony, eating dry Wheetos out of your handbag in case the three course dinner takes a while to arrive. I was excited and nervous in even measure- like the equilibrium people have when they carry a bag of supermarket shopping in each hand, and you ask if they need help. “Noooo! It’s fine-  I’m all balanced out.”

I was heading to the MAD blog awards ceremony. I was SO looking forward to meeting the tens of other bloggers I interact with almost daily on Twitter, but there was a tiny bit of anxiety about not knowing anyone in real life, and a big bit about whether I would be the kind of person they think I am! Such a strange thing.

Turns out, every single person I met there was in fact EASILY equal to their Internet presence. Lovely, funny, intelligent. The Real Life to Internet and back again vortex doesn’t really distort people very much at all.

I met a whole load of bloggers and Tweeters from scratch too- my whole table was full of people I’d never come across before and I can not tell you what fun we had. I genuinely laughed until I had tears streaming down my face and had to rest my forehead on the table.

I am afraid to tell you that I didn’t bring back any gongs in the two categories I was in, but rest assured they went to absolute GIANTS in those areas – Red Ted Art for Craft and Queen Frugal for Thrift. And getting to meet my rival crafty and thrifty nominees was just a total, magical joy.

I keep thinking about the chats I had with all the different souls dotted about the room and smiling.

I am going on a bit, I know. Sorry. It is just, people are great, aren’t they?  I’d link to them all but I am too lazy. (Obviously, not that great. HA TOTALLY JUST KIDDING.)

As if I am some kind of fashion blogger…  I feel you all were so diligent in your advice on what I should wear I need to update you on all that:

Despite pretty much every single one of you reckoning on The LoveBoat, I chose Princess Royal. (What, think this is some kind of democratic utopia?) I was fully prepared to do it, in order to make you all proud, and then I woke up with the MOTHER of shoulder pimples, putting that strapless number right out of the picture.

Also, I love fashion, I do; colours, fabrics, patterns, new clothes. But when I leave the house I want to also leave my thoughts about my outfit there too. I spend a bit of time getting my gear on, but then it is on and I am done with it. No tugging, tucking, straightening, smoothing, standing up tall, holding tummies in, for me. That it why I will never be a true fashionista.

Every single thing I own is second hand, and it fills me with total glee to surprise people with that. If they like my on-trend coloured trousers, and I can say they were £5 from the Hospice shop, that pretty much makes my day.

I wanted to hit the glamour stakes on Friday in order to be a walking advocate of  the pre-loved life and the Oxfam Fashion Team with their seriously chic Boutique in Notting Hill massively helped me do that. I couldn’t normally give two hoots about designers but wearing something that is ordinarily well dear did make me feel The Business  (I guess that is how the whole brand thing works, eh?)

Just so you lot wouldn’t think I was a total wuss for ditching the saucy frock I went BIG TIME on the locks. This, a huge amount of liquid eyeliner (Okay, actually I am too cheapskate for that, I just put a paintbrush in my mascara) and gluing glitter on my shoes added the razzmatazz the dress needed.


Is that bargain glamour and the BIGGEST BEEHIVE IN THE WORLD OR WHAT!!!

I started work on it at 3pm, thinking it would take several goes and hours to do, but I was so happy with it after 15 minutes – and some help from a loofah and a pair of tights- that I left it. Which meant I spent the afternoon peering down at Ramona from my lofty space instead of getting in the den with her, lest she touch it. It wasn’t the “Seen and not heard” philosophy that made parents of the Sixties so aloof with their kids- they just didn’t want them bashing in their boufs.

I can totally understand.

I needn’t have worried- Even even the wind turbine of the Northern Line didn’t make a single dent and it arrived in tact and the bits and pieces didn’t fall out once. HOORAY!

Linking up with all those other marv second hand lovers over at Lizzie’s place. 


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  1. Brilliant hair!
    and great dress : )

  2. Well done on getting to the finals, I loved your hair on the night but didn’t know who you were so didn’t want to be weird and come and tell you! 🙂

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous and super glam. Sounds like a wonderful time, glad it met your expectations and more. I’ve just linked up to your home made mod podge on my most recent post. Have a happy beehive week xox

  4. Whit whoooooo! Great outfit, and I love, love that you had a loofah in your barnet. That beehive is a triumph – tutorial needed!

  5. She was beautiful – in all the melee of flirty skirts, sparkles and more cleavage than a bacchanalian orgy (and that was just me) she was elegant, poised and ladylike ………… and a with a wicked sense of humour.

    Lovely to meet you hon – its always great when you meet your favourite writers in the flesh.

    See you next year???

  6. You looked AMAZING at the MADs, really,really a-m-a-z-i-n-g x

  7. fionastarstone

    You look fabulous! I just found your blog through an RT on Twitter~ I love it! Shall be swinging by here often :0)

  8. It was a joy to meet you in the flesh. I am just sorry I didn’t have more time to chat. I loved the hair and you need to do a how to vid

  9. Awesome hairdo and frock combo! Love it!

  10. Please wear your hair like this all day every day. It would be a crying shame not to. Do it for Amy.

  11. Great outfit and fabulous hair – absolutely stunning!

  12. You looked fab, only totally gutted we didn’t get a chance to hug it out! However perhaps we can hook up and you CAN wear the Loveboat…??? xx

    • Mwhahahah YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, you looked completely divine. The fashion peeps were NAILING it! Massive, massive congratulations, most deserved x x

  13. Your hair is amazing! Did you do that yourself?

  14. ohhhh ! I REMEMBER SEEING YOU ! Wish I had made an effort to talk to you and more people but just wasn’t feeling it on the night *sad face* you looked FANTASTIC xxx

    • Oh Karen, I TOTALLY understand, sometimes you just aren’t feeling it, eh? Always gutting when it happens on a night like this. So sorry I missed you, will try and catch you first at the next thing!

  15. You looked absolutely amazing. I’m so glad you had a great time, I would have been cakking myself at having to go to something where I knew no-one. Glad the internet came through to real life niceness x

  16. Fabulous dress & hair, How gorgeous did you look! x

  17. Perleeeeaaass can you do my hair like that for me.

    You look like a totally more law abiding Mrs Biggs x

    • I was actually not going for law abiding, but I couldn’t make myself mess it up any more!! Haha. I am totally going to give you a beehive next time I see you!

  18. You look amazing! I want a beehive! So proud xx

  19. wow. you look awesome. i LOVE the hairdo – how did you do that? and i TOTALLY understand the feeling you get when you tell someone where you got what you’re wearing. it’s like a drug, isn’t it?

  20. What a fantastic post, loved it! And a great outfit too 🙂
    Aqeela xx

    (i participated in the magpie monday linky too)

  21. You look gorgeous! So glad the blogging to RL step was everything you could have hoped for. I met a online mate today for the first time and it was a total joy x

  22. You look gorgeous. LOVE the hair. Funnily enough I just tried to do a similar hair do this morning. No luck. I am too cacky handed to do anything beyond a pony tail.

    I will be cheering on all those who do the Stoptober, but won’t be in it. Good luck.

  23. You looked amaizing!!!!! My hair is too short at the moment!!! But when I get my extentsions done after Stoptober!!! It will be my treat. I think I am doing okay???

  24. Oooooh don’t you scrub up divinely. Soz about the lack of gongs but glad you enjoyed the night. xx

  25. Ok you MUST teach me how to pull off an up do such as that you looked Utterly Divine my lovely. I am so sorry I didn’t get to chat to you and I was so looking forward to it too. I blame Helen for dragging me off towards the Stag with Annie 😉 I really hope we get another chance to meet up some time and until then keep up the good work. Best wishes, Kate xx

  26. Wish I’d had the chance to talk to you on the night…You looked beautiful! x

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