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Squeezing the last drops out of summer….

As summer comes to a close I am finding myself clinging to it’s remnants like the slugs that belligerently cling to my bean plants. Every evening we go for a walk before the sun sets and every spare weekend moment we swan off to a park for a picnic. I had a party yesterday and despite the distinct chill in the air we set up the garden fete-style and I served up some of my best summer refreshments in my most retro glasswear.

I just love jugs. *Beavis and Butthead snigger*

I love the patterns and the shapes so distinctive of their era. I have picked up these jugs over the summer, for between £1 and £3 each. They all came with a full set of glasses but my clumsiness coupled with our tough ceramic sink sorted that cup-overload pretty pronto.

So guests mostly drank their fine juice out of Nutella glasses…

Lemon, Lime and Bitters

This is a classic Kiwi drink. It has a tiny dash of alcohol in the Aromatic Bitters but not nearly enough to count, only enough to add a depth of flavour.

A dash of Aromatic Bitters (available from Of Licences)


Lime Cordial

The juice of half a lemon

Slices of Lemon/limes and ice to serve

Mix it all in your jug and serve super chilled

Mint Tea

A sprig of mint per person

A teaspoon of sugar per person (or to taste)


Let the mint sit in boiing water, in a tea pot, until cool.

Pour into jug (leave wilted mint) and add fresh mint, sliced apple and ice to serve!

Lemon Tea (Caffeine Free)

I brewed two cups of Rooibos/ Redbush Tea

The Juice of a Lemon

A teaspoon of sugar per person (or to taste)

Ice and sliced lemon to serve

This is just a plain old jug of water but fancied up with extra lemon, lime and apple. In New Zealand you can tell the coolness of a cafe by how much crazy shizzle they have in their free jugs of water. The fairly cool ones will have cucumber and celery along with their lemons – adding a nice hint to the taste- but the hyper hipster cafes have moved right on and have forgone the lemons for jugs of potatoes and parsnips. (Jokes.) Just to firm up my status as a hyper hipster I went Next Level and served up jugs of stubborn slugs. Mwhaha.

Linking up with that master of craft, and bargains, Missie Lizzie B and the luscious Lakota’s Ta-Dah Tuesday!


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  1. Darn it, I forgot to check for slugs in my mint tea!!!

    I was totally loving all your crazy china and glassware, and had to physically restrain myself from filling my handbag before leaving! x

  2. What beautiful jugs! So glad to hear your party went well too x

  3. Lovely jugs!! Lmao at your Beavis and Butthead sniggers!! We are very partial to Nutella glasses here too. Nutella and a free glass – win/win 🙂

  4. Great jugs! snigger : ) no really, lovely jugs.
    Clinging on to summer by my finger tips too! pesky nights are drawing in far too fast though.

    • I know, it’s the nights that make me sad. We are going up to the park until it gets dark at the moment. Soon that’ll just be tea time.
      Ah well. Here’s to slippers, fires and soup.

  5. Aah gorgeous glassware. Farewell Summer, I’ve definitely killed it, given that I got a pedicure today! I’m sorry not to have made it, I’ve emailed you…

  6. Love the pretty floral jug and thanks for the drinks recipes – must keep them for next summer!

  7. Love the Jugs snigger. No they are pretty coool. I wish I could have come to one of your parties. They always sound really cool. I have wrote the recipies down. One question can you count ebay as thrift shopping as man I love that place and have found some bargainista items!!!

  8. I love these glasses, so colourful. We are supposedly getting a few days of sun later this week, perhaps you can squeeze one very last drop out of summer


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