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A butterdish, a bin, books and a brooch

Home from the holidays, and what a cracking time. Ramona and I spent the first week with a friend and her tiddlywinks camping on a farm in Weymouth. The combination of roaming animals, mountains of haybales to climb, eco credentials, a cheap and perfect organic shop and a whole coastline to itself made this a place we will be heading back to every year for the rest our lives I think!

And this last week, all three of us went away with my folks to hike around the Cotswolds. Every single day involved a charity shop trawl/ car boot, a mammoth amount of reading and a ramble through the countryside. Perfect.  My parents are equally as devoted to charity shopping as Tim and I (my Dad actually recently took up collecting vinyl again just so he could keep my Mum company- love, right there, innit?) so needless to say we came back with a car twice as full as going.

Here are a few of the things that made me yelp Hooray…

We have been looking for a new-old butter dish for a while as our current one smashed and 3 kinds of glue have failed to keep it together. They turn up a lot in charity shops and I am always surprised at just how ugly a butter dish can be! But a few months of hunting and I think this one, with it’s delicate flowers, is really delightful.


I think probably one of my weirdest small collections are retro bins. (Mwhaha that totally makes me a bin collector.)  We have one in every room but when I saw this one, with it’s Eric Carle style design I knew I’d find a corner for it. Weird, but handy, no?


I am so pleased with the stack of ancient hardback books I got from a car boot. They were 70p each and I got them primarily for *whispers* crafting but since getting them I have opened them up, and read their words and felt their pages and now I really truly couldn’t possibly NOT just leave them be.

The cover of the Book of Common Prayer is falling apart but the colours inside are still resplendent.


And it has an inscription to a kind old soul for donating coal to the poor from Churchill’s granddad!


I am especially in love with my Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales find- the illustrations are so whimsical.



And one last illustration, because it is after all Monday- and Magpie Monday at that!


Today’s final find is this 20p brooch. Awhite bird flying into a blue cloud, or a seagull into the sea, depending which way you pin it. TWENTY PEE! Hoorrayyyyyy!

Of course, we bought about a million other things too but they didn’t begin with B so they didn’t meet the grade today, I’m afraid. But I am sure they’ll turn up one other Monday in some other bizarre grouping.

Did you find any little Holiday Hoorays this summer?

You are joining in with the Charity Shop Blog Hop, yeah? Linking up on Thursday 13th September? Cool. Just checking.




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  1. I live in Western Australia, and my eldest girlie has that exact same bin next to her desk (well not the same one of course, but you know what I mean!)
    Small world eh?

  2. Ahhh welcome back, I’ve missed ya, but it sounds like you’ve had the most spiffing of holidays.

    LOVE LOVE all your finds. No, you can’t chop them books (get the scanner on instead!).

    That bin is lush (no, I never thought I’d hear myself utter those words, but nor did I ever think I’d meet a real life bin collector). x

  3. what lovely finds, really love old books! I’m not sure I could cut them up either….closest I’ve come is a dictionary which fell apart and was beyond repair which I use for crafting. I have been looking out for an old Grimms fairy tales but it seems hard to find at the moment 🙂

  4. Brilliant B’s – that’s a fine looking bin!
    Gorgeous illustrations too. I’ve bought old books before, thinking I’ll take the pics out, but can never bring myself to do it ! x

  5. Fantastic holiday haul! I particularly like the bin and the broach.

  6. Oh my, I love that old bin. I want one! I never really thought that bins could be so pretty. But now I know *adds to list*

  7. Great finds – those books are gorgeous, thank goodness you didn’t craft ’em!

    And that brooch, 20 English pence, fab!

    V interested in joining the charity shop blog hop – do I have to sign up now?

  8. oo, loving that bin (bin envy kicking in!)
    and what a great brooch for 20p : )

  9. Love that bin, was just about to say it reminds me of The Very Hungry Caterpillar then I read the bit underneath! x

  10. I’ve nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog award because I enjoy reading it so much, you can find out more at my blog here – thanks so much!

  11. I love that bin. I would pop a plant in that and have it on display!

  12. Looooooove those books – nowt better than an old inscription on the inside cover. I was impressed that one of my was dated 1949 – you’ve hands down trounced me with your 1849! Love the bin too – I keep having to leave fab ones behind because we’ve got nowhere to put them. In future I’ll just package them up and send ’em to you!


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