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Transforming rubbish old tins with old paper

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I really, really hate throwing stuff away. If it wasn’t for my husband I’d probably get written about in the Metro, how I have to tunnel myself in and out of my house because it is wall to ceiling with stuff. Much of that stuff would be containers that I plan to Do Something With. I have a whole cupboard of jars and tins and things. They are SO useful, but I appreciate that they are a bit annoying while you wait for the inspiration/ time to craft ’em up.

A few weekends ago we went to an AMAZING car boot – and met some of your typical Booty Rogues and Gems– and I came away with a load of lovely jumble, including two rolls of truly retro wall paper, one for 10p and one for 50p. For real, I mean, HOW LUSH!

I felt it would be perfect for a bit of transforming old tins business.

You will need:

Schnizzors (that is Gangsta for scissors)

Paper or fabric

A ruler (but you are not a school kid and it isn’t the nineties so maybe a measuring tape instead)

A pencil

Some homemade Mod Podge (Pva and water)

Some old tins – coco tins/ milk powder tins/ stock tins/ etc tins

Measure all the way around the tin, and the height of it. Plot this on to your paper (It will be a long rectangle) add an extra 0.5cm onto the end of the length and cut it out.

Slather it with Mod Podge, if it is thick. Be a little scrimpier if lightweight paper. Smooth it on, adjusting it, overlap the last 0.5cm. I did loads at one time and, honestly, it probably took me 15 minutes for the whole shebang. In the past I have also varnished over the top to make them super robust.

These will be ideal for odds and ends and crafting supplies, but also for… wait for it… presenting people with biscuits! Tim makes the most AMAZE biccies and it is always a bit of a worry that the tin they get given in (or manky tupperware) might not come back. With these it just doesn’t have to.

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  1. That is a genius idea! Brilliant and it looks so effective!

  2. Ooooh brilliant idea! Last year I made cookies for everyone at Christmas but then had to go out and buy containers which turned a thrifty idea into a not so thrifty idea! I shall be keeping this in the old think tank for gifts etc…… Keep em coming please x

  3. Marvelous Chrimble idea…thanks !!

  4. A simple yet effective idea. Got me wondering what I can turn into gift boxes.

  5. These are lovely and the biscuit tin idea is genius!!

  6. Another simple but genius idea, thanks so much xox

  7. Scissors in our house are “didders”. Loving the retro wallpaper.

  8. I love this. I always see wallpaper a d then never end up getting it as I can’t figure out what to do with it all! Nice one!

  9. Could be an idea for later in the year for Weihnachtsplaetzchen (german christmas biscuits!) I will now also be hoarding my tins… πŸ˜‰

  10. That’s a great idea and they’re perfect for food gifts, never wood have thought of that!

  11. They look lovely- and what a genius idea to solve the lost-forever-packaging problem when handing out baked goods πŸ™‚

    The definition of “schnizzers” made me snort-laugh!


  12. These look gorgeous. I always keep my old metal tins, but have never found a use for these cardboard types before. Genius!

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