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Winning Lucky Devils & Charity Shop Blog Hop Announcements

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A little while ago I hosted the inaugural Charity Shop Blog Hop. The idea was that secondhand lovers could all come together to Big Up their favourite shop or route. There were some SERIOUSLY amazing contributions. Go and read them, you’ll be inspired, promise! 

How about another one? Shall we say Thursday 13th September? That gives you time aplenty to get out there, chose your route, write it up and link it.  Not only do you get to join a kind of directory of charity shop routes, I also do a round up the following week – giving your beautiful blog the shout out it deserves! The link will only be open for a week so try and get in there 😀 And also, remember one of the main points of this is to discover other charity shop loving bloggers, so PLEASE go around and visit the other linker-upper-ers and say HELLO. And remember to link back her with this old image…

Right. Onto the lucky devil hey?

Thank you to everyone who entered last week’s blogiversary giveaway. I was SOOOO stoked to read your Hello’s, to get to kind of meet some of the people who read but don’t naturally comment. (Hey, don’t worry about that- I read and love LOADS of blogs but find commenting on my phone really hard work. So I understand.)

Because I am lazy, I just used the Random Number Generator, and then the number that corresponds with the comment is the winner. So. I am pleased to let you know that…


won this little parcel of delights. Nice one! I am seriously going to post this first thing. *preemptive smugness*

Sorry to those of you that didn’t win. I’ll do another one soon eh?

Thanks once again, keep reading and do join in the Charity Shop Blog Hop in September! 😀

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  1. *sob*

  2. Meeeeeeeeeeeep! Thank you so much! I have had a difficult couple of weeks and you (and the Random Number Generator that is my new best friend!) have absolutely made my day. x

  3. Gah! Oh well, glad someone is happy 😉

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