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Dominoes Fridge Magnets – the quickest, most fun craft ever

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Van Morrison sings a song, Domino, that is BURSTING with memories for me. It is the opening track of “His band and the Street Choir” and was played on almost every family gadabout in my childhood, all of us bundled up in our VW camper, rumbling along from South London to Eastern Europe.

It has been soaring through my mind for the last week- since scoring two sets of Dominoes from that epic car boot fair. One for 10p and one for 50p. I thought one of the sets would be ideal for crafting so got to thinking what they might be good for. I had a few ideas, but settled on some nice traditional Fridge Magnets.

I have sheets of magnets I bought online for £2.50 a sheet. They aren’t the strongest BUT they are so slimline and it is fab to be able to cut them perfectly to shape. I use about 1/4 of the sheet so 50p plus the 10p for the dominoes brings this revitalised game up to a grand 60p expenditure.

I did it primarily for the asthetics and was pretty happy with the result, but not completely over the moon or anything. Then our 5 year old nephew came over that day and played over ten joyous games  of Dominoes with Tim. He had never played before but he just loved the simplicity of it, and there is something cool about playing a game with on a fridge. And now I am sold on the idea and think a fridge basically looks bereft without a whole set of Dominoes on it.

Like VHS’s and Barbies, Dominoes is one of those things that are part of the furniture of charity shops and car boots, so don’t pass them by another time. What a thrifty fun gift this would make, eh?

What d’ya reckon? Have you crafted anything with Dominoes? Want to get a song stuck in your head that respectfully honours this sunny summer we are experiencing? Here is Van with Domino live, with all the glories of the Seventies right there…

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  1. Clever you as always. Am off to dig out my old set & rummage the internet for magnet sheets! Thanks

  2. Aah they are perfect for the fridge, I am gutted that I have a fridge behind a cupboard door! All our fridge magnets have to get stuck to the boiler, it’s not quite the same!

  3. Such a great idea. I love this. Totally going to make this as soon as I hunt out some dominoes!

  4. I love your thrifty posts, you seem to come up with brilliant things that I’d never think of!

    I would well trounce you at dominos though, I’m the Queen of board (fridge?!) games. And not in the slightest bit competitive….

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  6. Like a lot! Need to find magnets that are strong enough to hold up the huge volume of kids pictures though!

  7. This is a great idea. I was only whinging to my partner last night that we didn’t have a magnetic board in our new house. This has give me some ideas! Ta. Emma x

  8. Cool cool !!! am including in my brit mums thrifty round up later this month can you send me a photo to use x becky (at) baby budgeting (dot) co (dot ) uk x

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