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My Workbench: repairs of any kind undertaken

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One thing I discovered pretty early on about crafting is that if you don’t have a little nook where you can keep your tools and materials accessible, it simply doesn’t happen. That one extra step of getting out your things can completely dissolve your crafting resolve, don’t you find?

We have lived in some tiny dives in the past (yup, especially thinking of the first place we had as a married couple with a CRAZY Hungarian landlord. Our place was basically a box at the bottom of his garden and he would tell us off for having friends over, and for keeping it not quite as tidy as he liked. In fact, once we had handed in our notice he took potential future tenants inside while we were out at work without telling us, and then had the audacity to yell at me about the clothes on the floor, calling it a “f%!*ing brothel!”)

So, we are so stoked to have a big enough place where I can actually have a workbench (okay, I too called it “Craft Corner” but right here and now I am switching to “workbench”. Craft Corner sounds a bit toddlery and I can’t have that. Couldn’t possibly explain to the hospital how Ramona has a perfectly spherical chunk out of her tongue from chewing on my leather punch! )

Anyway, with no further ado, here ’tis…

As you can see, it is pretty much in our main living room, so all the bits and pieces are stuffed in to jars in the draws, in a faint nod towards organisation. Tim found this humongous wooden beast in a skip-  who would dump this?!

I put this little shelf up myself *smug* with like, a level, and drill, and all that.  (I am getting to grips with power tools these days so that Ramona doesn’t grow up thinking some household jobs are daddy ones. Cor, being a feminist is tiring, innit.)

These scissors were a SNIP at £4 from Oxfam in Herne Hill – pinking shears are over £20 in John Lewis. However, er, they are blunt. Any tricks on how to sharpen these? The Google jury is out on the matter.

There are a few papers stuck up there – one is a small yellowed advert for a corset company just round the corner from our house. We found it in the floor boards, have a read, it is quite the funny one…

Home made corsets for Housewives! Repairs of any kind undertaken! A Lady will call with Samples!

I love old tennis rackets, I really, REALLY do and always have. In the house I lived in before I married Tim, I had a whole wall covered in them, and each net had homemade rosettes pinned on. Whenever I see one for under £2 I always snap it up.

And, we have a perfect little gap on the right hand side, normally invisible to the human eye, where all my extra fabrics and things I don’t know what to do with can be stuffed innocuously.

Do you have a workbench or a craft corner? Or just a wild eyed Hungarian pressing his face against your windows?

Linking up with the magnificent Magpies over at Liz and Me and My Shadow.

These are some of the spare shots not used in the Pretty Nostalgic feature. They were shot by Jenny Harding, you should scope out her photography site, it is BEAUT!

And finally, did I mention I’m on FACEBOOK?! *sings* Come on over! Come on over baaaabyyy.


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  1. I love your style 🙂 cool work area. The tennis rackets are fab! X

  2. Love the craft corner – sadly I am still at the living in a small box stage! To sharpen scissors get a sheet of sand paper and just keep cutting it up – the abrasive edge should sharpen them. If that doesn’t work just take them to your local butcher, mine sharpens all manner of things for me!

  3. I love the workbench, can’t believe someone threw it out. My craft corner is in the utility room, with a bit of oil cloth covering the bench for my glue gunning. The garage though is littered with half finished pieces of furniture & the children are always complaining that I’ve gotten spray paint on their bikes.

  4. Love your house! Will ever stop loving your house!

    • Heehee thanks, bear in mind my workbench will never ever be this tidy again!

      • I can’t believe the stuff some folk chuck in skips. You’re right about needing an area to do crafting etc in, I haven’t got a specific one in this house yet and it has been doing my head in because I seem to just faff about getting stuff out then something else comes up I need to do , and I stuff everything back in to baskets and shove it behind the settee. Going to make the kids craft area my craft come sewing area as well! I’ll put it on the list! X

      • Oh yeah, adults and kids craft stuff only needs one spot, just with different heighted shelving!!!

    • Meant will never stop loving your house…..wish I could type. X

  5. I have no Idea how to sharpen pinking shears, but I am very much into sharpening things at the moment after getting a rather nice stone for sharpening knives. I managed to cut a chunk out of my finger due to having very sharp kitchen knives, doh. If work out how to do it I’ll let you know, it may not be possible due to the blades no longer being aligned if they get ground down. If it isn’t

    Iris is loving our set at the moment, she loves scissors, and now she has zigzag scissors!!!

    • Ah, yes, it is brilliant having sharp knives but Tim and I are so clumsy I am several times a day happy ours are blunt haha. Let me know if you work out pinking shear sharpening!

      • I think I’ve worked out to possibly sharpen pinking shears. It’s possible if the blades are still aligned but the inside edges are blunt. You just need to grind down each sides leading edge and then they should be sharp again. This probably makes no sense but I can give it a go if you fancy.

  6. Wow! What a fab space you’ve created! I love the corset advert and the scissors! – I have a pair (also blunt) and was wondering what to do with them..but would have never thought to hang them on the wall! They look FAB!

  7. I need a work bench!!!!! I was considering putting a table in our bedroom but seen as though Charlie sleeps in our room and the only time I get to craft is at night when he’s asleep, that’s kind of scuppered my plans!!!!! I suppose I could put s table in Charlie’s room for now?

    I agree, all my craft stuff is in boxes under the bed and that’s where it stays because its so much hassle getting it out and putting it away. My mum persuaded my dad to let her change the conservatory into her craft room……..jammy eh?

  8. Oooh I love your crafty space.

    I tried sharpening pinking shears, but it seamed it can’t be done. Google suggested cutting tin foil (didn’t work, but gave some nice new shiny crafting material!) or sandpaper (also didn’t work and made my teeth feel all funny). I took them to a scissor sharpening man and he said they couldn’t be done – boo hiss :0(

  9. I have a crudy, which sounds off, but is a craft room and study and I love it. I have to agree with Lizzy you can not sharpen pinking shears, even the knife sharpening man agreed. I bought some when I got some vouchers for John Lewis. But also make sure you buy some cheap paper ones and keep them seperate as cutting paper blunts your fabric ones.

  10. very upset to hear pinking shears cannot be sharpened : ( I’ve my Grandads old pair that sit pride of place but are as blunt as a very blunt thing! There must be a way!
    Lovely workspace : )

  11. It’s gorgeous, you are as lucky and stylish as err…a lucky stylish thing! The housewife’s corset is quite possibly the answer to all problems (except sharpening pinking shears), do you suppose they’re still in business? I could do with a lady sent out to stop me eating Walkers Squares by encasing me in steel boning. I have no space to do anything. Sulk sulk. I want a craft space AND an office. And a nail room, cinema and pony, while I’m at it.

  12. You are a stylish woman with lots of taste. I feel like I have stepped back in time from looking at your photos.

  13. I currently use our sofa as my craft zone, and I have supllies tucked away all over the house including the airing cupboard… hoe I long for a little space to call my own…. le sigh… I am very jealous of yours.

  14. On c4’s Superscrimpers a lady said u can sharpen scissors by folding a piece of tinfoil a few times and slowly snipping away at it x x


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