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Make your own reusable ice lolly containers

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Hurrah, the sun has popped out this week meaning I have been able to test my latest invention. Unlike my Sock-Sorting-Washing-Line (does what it says on the tin) and my Swellies (soft waterproof wellies for commuters to fold up in their bags!) which earnt me nothing but ridicule despite being completely genius, these made it to prototype stage. And they are a raving success at the trial phase. . .

They are little tubes I have sewn out of old packaging, and filled with yoghurt. As hoped, they make a delectable,  healthy and cooling snack for my little lass.

Yeah, alright, technically Calypso came up with the squeeze-an-ice-pop-out-of-a-tube idea in the nineties. But DID they empower you take something you were gonna chuck in the bin, add ONE line of sewing (or I have even successfully tested a hot glue gun version) and make your own that you can use FOREVER?

Nope, my friends, they didn’t. So here it is:

I can not explain how EASY this is, and how magically they work. They just squeeze straight out the top, the kids munch ’em up, you give them a little clean and fill them up again/ put in a drawer for another time.

I used my own homemade yoghurt (yeah, we are well hippyville like that, recipe is here) mixed with some whizzed up strawbs that had gone slightly too soft.

I also took it too another level – sewing some little sleeves out of some cute old serviettes to fit over the plastic tubes – suiting our whimsical garden where most lolly pop devouring occurs.  It serves a dual purpose of preventing little hands from falling off from freezing temperatures and also soaking up the excess juices. It was just a case of cutting enough fabric to fit round the tube, sewing the two long ends together and hemming to open top and bottom.


PS – Notice how I don’t really know what to call these icey-yoghurt-things-in-a-tube. Freeze pops? Ice pops? Ice lollies? Ice Lolly containers? Neither google nor Twitter came to the fore here – someone helpfully suggested “Lolly pop without a stick”. Gah. What do you reckon?

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  1. Really lovely idea! We call them ice pops or ice poles 🙂

  2. Oh my God. You are a TOTAL genius.

    Get down the patent office – pronto!


  3. Lolly pockets.Not sure about the fabric covers though. Very cute but MORE washing!

  4. Once again……..pure genius! I bought some plastic ice lolly kit things but once they’ve frozen you can’t get them out the bloody holder! Also, I’d never thought of using yogurt (we use juice) but its such a simple genius idea!

    You are a clever one aren’t you……

    • Thanks Jenna! Just to be warned, the kids love these- but I don’t. I prefer my frozen yoghurt to be smooth and creamy- slowly frozen. The kids don’t care about that though. I just don’t want you to be disappointed with your icey yoghurt pop. Ha.

  5. Squeezy Socks? Wait, that doesn’t sound in the least bit appetising.

    Anyway, damn you and your belated thriftiness – I just bought some plastic ice lolly moulds which are not nearly as hiptastic as your homemade jobbys. Sigh. Until I read your blog, I thought I was pretty much a cheapskate and prided myself on being quite literally the tightest person I know (literally, I scoff at paying over £5 for an item of clothing in charity shops). But you take it to a whole new level – I bow to your thrifty superiority!

  6. This is a great idea…thanks for sharing! I am going to add this idea to my Summer Fun list, my boys will love it!


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