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Talking it up #1

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Hmmm. I am doing that thing where I share stuff I have found online, as if I think I am well good at the internet or something. I’m sorry. It’s just because sometimes you do come across something that you want to shout about and also I love it when other bloggers share goodies they have chanced upon.

So here is Talking It Up Numero Uno:

“When you teach a child something you take away forever his chance of discovering it for himself.” ~ Jean Piaget

  • Feminist motherhood can be kind of angry. (There is a lot to get mad about, no?) It is always ace when someone can talk about the issues intelligently, succinctly, AND  inject a bit of humour, see Exhibit 1  Sad White Babies with Feminist Mummies
  • Finally, the proper brill Lakota over at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping has hosted an international gift swap between bloggers. She has paired up over 70 people and we were to swap parcels of secondhand and handmade treasures. Like somekind of blogger-whisperer Lakota fixed me up with another one who loves all things old and is also involved in craftivism, Rachel of Firebird Retro. I met her beautiful self at the Craftivist event at the farm on Sundayand today a delightful package arrived on my mat.

A green retro tea towel, a hand made pin cushion, two gorgeous old books about Britain and a hand stitched craftivist banner that I get the pleasure of pinning up somewhere public. (And I know EXACTLY where- watch this space!) I love the quote. Global Citizens 4 EVA.

Man. I LOVE the internet.

Seen or read anything awesome recently? Please reveal it!


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  1. Nice selection of goodies:)

  2. the jubilee swap has been great fun, and you’ve received some great gifts. I love the quotation!

  3. Thank you so much for the link responding to the Guardian’s article – it freaked me out when I read it. As a breastfeeding mummy to a 3 month old I have hard a really hard time sticking up for myself against (some) friends and family. Sad, but true. I found it really tough at the beginning, so I love to see the benefits time and time again, or a balanced argument at the very least. I love your blog – keep up the good work!! X

    • Thank you 🙂 I got a bit freaked too. Then after talking to some people and reading more I realised exactly how misleading it was.
      Good on you for keeping on x

  4. Great swap parcel – lots of lovely goodies!

  5. I’m so so pleased you liked the parcel. I’d actually made you the banner well before I knew you knew Sarah and the Craftivists. Small freaking world. The lady Lakota has some spooky pairing skills x

  6. Sorry it’s taken me so long to come and take a peek, I appear to have to the whole internet to read. ANYWAY…love that you loved the swap, and whilst I did think that you and Rachel would have stuff in common (I do try to be matchy where I can, that’s why it takes so long) I didn’t think you’d actually have met up. *preens*. Everything you guys sent and received has been awesome.


    • Thanks for organising, it must have been EPIC. But has surely secured you as everyone’s most favourite blogger ever 🙂 I’m going to create an award especially for you.


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