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Vintage handmade cards – cowboys, swallows and deers

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When I was nine I sent an anonymous card to a girl in my class that I didn’t like much.  It said “You and your family smell like egg.” Obviously I failed at the disguise-your-handwriting bit and they totally busted me and I had to miss Neighbours while I wrote her an apology letter.

My cards don’t tend to be so cruel these days. They are mostly non existent, which is a bit better, but still rubbish. If I am going to see someone on their birthday then they are lucky and get a nice hand crafted number. But out of sight, out of mind- well, in mind, but not in envelopes or hands which is really more important. This is a problem as half my family live in New Zealand so they are never in sight. However, this is the Year of Change and I have pledged to send a little summin’ on people’s special days.

To make this Actually Happen, and in most thrifty of ways, in a spare half an hour yesterday I cut up some of my vintage Twinkle kids books, placed the images onto some ancient sewing pattern (this is the BEST craft resource – if you don’t already have some sewing patterns, do pick some up in a charity shop for 20p. Great for all sorts) and sewed it onto card.

Well simple but the graphics are cute and retro enough to work mostly by themselves, I reckon. And the old sewing paper just adds an abstract element- those random lines and letters and numbers, and texture. As for the sewing, I only really do this because my sewing machine is so big I can’t lose it where as keeping track of Pritt stick is beyond me.

Cutie little deer, a bit twee, but wouldn’t you like him as a pet?

Love soldiers, hate war.

Got a thing for cowboys? ME TOO!! Check out my Cowboy and Indian jars.

Swallows make my heart sing. Nice poem too- but did you know they had Twitter in 1974? NEITHS!

Needless to say Ramona is in LOVE with this duck card.

Ah, retro adventures.

Got any good quick, thrifty card making tricks?

If you like the look of these kids book graphics – have a squizz at the other things I whipped up with them.

PS If you get any of these cards sent to you anonymously saying you smell like egg IT WASN’T ME.

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  1. Seriously, it makes me ghasp when you mention cutting up books. Cant you just scan in the pages and cut up the scans? lol

    • Oh I am so sorry. I can’t help it, my hands just grab the scissors and cut away. They are so savage.

      I think I’ll regret it one day when Twinkles are worth millions!

  2. love these cards, what an amazing design 🙂 i love the way that you are making a textured card in the respect that the thread and the sewing machine.
    thankyou so much for sharing 🙂
    keep smiling

  3. lizzysfairytale

    “smell like egg” is totes inappropes, but these cards are not! LOVE!!

  4. Oh I love these. They are the nicest use of vintage pics and old sewing patterns that I’ve seen – gorgeous. Twitter used to be my favourite comic, way back in 1974 and probably earlier I must admit!

  5. Amazing, I love these. Does sewing through card ruin your needle?

  6. I remember Twinkle… Showing my age again! Cute cards.

  7. i like the sewing much more than the pritt stck

  8. great designs 🙂
    i love cards!

  9. Oh buggar, I’ve just said your paint jars are my favourite post of the week, but I think you’ve surpassed yourself here!

    Surprised I could get to the end though through laughing so hard at your wicked childhood ways!

  10. these are amazing! i often make my own cards, especially at christmas time. i cut up old christmas cards and use them to make patters -quilt patterns like starts or simple tree chapes (triangle for the tree, small square for the trunk – i use shaped hole punches to help with that and to make a star for the tree top) they turn out so cool because, just like your cards, each one is unique depending on the pattern you use. comic strips make fun cards too. you can see some of my creations on this post:

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