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Eggs are for life not just for Easter: weird alternatives to shampoo

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It’s been 3 months since I washed my hair (to the tune of Barenaked Ladies, obvs)- and I have finally decided my days of shampoo are gone forever.

Of course, I haven’t  given up washing it all together  – I have just let go of the shampoo element; my latest move in the name of eco-thrift.

My last update revealed me to be in a bit of a pickle about it – all that vinegar (geddit), all that bicarb, was stripping out my gingeryness. So I have been doing some eggsperimenting. (You’ll have to just excuse/ admire all these ace puns for a while I’m afraid.)

By way of introduction, can we just have a moment to focus on eggs on the whole? Fried eggs, poached eggs. Key ingredient in cakes and other baking. What about a quiche? Man alive, I love a quiche.  What a completely underrated thing an egg is.

But how about eggs and hair? For real. They are the cats whiskers for your locks. I know! Total disbelief eh? I, too, couldn’t believe it. Never one to rest in my skepticism I cracked on with it. I mixed one in a little bowl and applied to my wet hair whilst in the shower, working it into my scalp and ends. I left it on for a few minutes then rinsed it off with luke warm water. It felt lush! A bit wrong too, like I was having some kind of intimate food fight. But my hair felt like silk with all that egg dripping off it. (Bahaha, I just know this making some of you vomit a tiny bit.)


This is after 4 days since the egg wash. CHeck out Ramona in the background, she has just learnt to blow her nose. Way too cute.

I dried my hair as I normally do, brushing it through as with my blow drier and I was instantly impressed with the results. Shiny, thick, soft. Since leaving behind my shampoo days my hair has never been so volumous, and it is growing at Rapunzel rates – things that suggest to me the natural way is the healthiest way.

I got 5 days of nice clean hair (including one water only wash a couple of days after) and then had to wear a scarf for the last two days, which were just a little too oily for me. This is the pattern for all my shampoo alternatives – 5 days of good, 2 days of bad. But I am really trying to get into a once a week habit, my hair WILL submit eventually I am sure. Having two days where you are motivated to wear a scarf is an excellent thing I reckon, I do love a nice scarf. And 5 days of clean hair is miles more then pre-experiment. I really only had 48 hours of nice hair, max.

At 35p a pop (yeah, we get the super happy, free range, organic as you can get variety) eggs as an alternative are a little eggspensive, but the sunny side (Up) is that you will likely have them in your kitchen so they’ll make a fab emergency shampoo.

This Easter, why not give it a crack? I’d love to hear about it. Even if you are in love with your shampoo, I do recommend giving this a go, just to help your esteem of eggs along a bit. And to give your hair a bit of a natural treatment. (Of course, all hair is different- it might totally fail on you. Don’t be ashamed, or take it too personally.)

PS I am also testing out a bit of clay as another alternative. I will update about that soon too. Sorry these updates aren’t more regular, I know you are fascinated, but when you only wash it once a week it is quite slow progress.

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  1. Your hair does indeed look super shiny and like you’re ‘worth it’. However, I’m still having flashbacks to the ‘rinsing your hair with flat beer’ experiment of ‘2005…

  2. I’m contemplating doing the no poo element of Curly Gals where you eliminate the sulphate shampoos and eventually just use conditioner!?! All in the name of helping curls and cutting out the chemicals. Not sure what an egg would do to my hair? Yours looks great thought and Ramona is just the cutest x

    • Hmmm. Not sure either, could be worth a bash? I know clay shouldn’t be used on thick hair as it adds quite.a lot of volume.

      Personally no poo has worked a treat. I feel like the shampoo companies hood wink us all a little.
      I would looove to have curls…. I did have a badly judged perm once! x

  3. OK, I tried the egg wash today — I will be honest, I missed the no tangle silkiness of conditioner, but will shamefully admit to being a bit of a conditioner junkie. Took quite a while to comb…or should I say hack through it afterwards…BUT….once dried (took all of myself control to complete the pilot project 100% and not reach for the Frizz Ease) I LOVED the results, so full and shiny…I think I’m a convert!
    However, I have heard, since the pilot project, that if you mix 2 egg yokes with the juice of a fresh lemon that you get even better results!….I can see pilot project number 2 on the horizon 🙂

    • Ahhhh! I am amazed you did it! So impressed!! And that you didn’t sneak in some frizz ease!

      I did forget to mention that I rinse the ends with 1/4 cider vinegar to water, that helps with the tangles. I Think lemon juice does the same.

      I have just washed my hair for the week with clay so can’t trial for another week – can you post to say how it goes?

  4. Here’s the science bit:

    Using egg to wash hair makes perfect sense. Egg yolks act as an emulsifier – that is, a substance with one end that is attracted to oil and one end that is attracted to water. Which is why egg yolk is used in mayonnaise, to enable the vegetable/olive oil and the vinegar (water-based) to mix.

    How they used to make soap is to react animal fat with an alkali like potash to form a substance with oil-loving and water-loving ends. Synthetic detergents also contain emulsifiers. The way it works is: you have some clothing with an oily stain (a lot of dirty marks are oil-based), but no amount of rinsing will remove it from the fabric, because oil and water don’t mix. So an emulsifer is sent into the battlefield as a kind of peacemaker: the oil sticks to the emulsifier, and emulsifiers can dissolve in water so the oily stains get taken away with the subsequent rinses.

    Ria’s point makes sense then – it’s the egg yolks that will wash your hair, I guess the whites just coat your hair in a layer of protein. Not sure about the lemon juice though!

    One final suggestion – mustard powder is also used as an emulsifier in mayo. Maybe someone could try that one out?

  5. I washed my hair with egg last night! I was impressed but my scalp has been a bit itchy today and i feel like i NEED to wash it (with shampoo), BUT i have given it a good brush with a brissle brush which seems to have helped. I missed the cider vinager element so will give that a try…do you rinse the egg off with warm water and then a final rinse with the vinager? Also noticed you used to use bicarb…may give that a go but have bleached hair, dont know if that would be a problem!

    Cant believe you’re three months in…amazing. I also have a bob which is really annoying coz i kinda have to style it everyday which makes it all the more harder. But I hear the natural way makes your hair grow faster so fingers crossed!

    Keep us posted pleeease 🙂 xxx

    • Ah go you!

      Did you rinse it good and proper? And I brush alot.

      Rinse out all the egg then a rinse with the cider vinegar, just on the ends.

      Bicarb should be great for bleached hair, will prob keep lightening it. It gets your hair clean as a whistle!Need the cider for that tho too.

      Will post again soon 🙂

  6. As someone who is just now starting the no’poo challenge using things like herbal concoctions, ayurvedic oils, baking soda, and probably even the egg, after having long since given up on commercial shampoos, this was a fabulous post for me. Almost like divine intervention telling me I am on the right path. I like anything that gives me 5 days of clean hair. Right now I wash my hair twice a week (well, kind of 1 and a half really) but to get down to once would be a godsend.


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