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Oh Farnham! Your forests and fashions!

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Oh my days, oh my days. Farnham, that old Hampshire town, has got it going ON! I had a luxurious day off last Monday and we whizzed on out there, an hour from Waterloo, lured by the charity shops and forests. We trained into Bentely where we hopped off the train, straight into woodlands and tramped along up to Alice Holts woods for some more forestry fun.

We love getting out of London, romping in the wilderness but we also (as you maaaay have gathered) love charity shopping. We hopped back on the train for one stop and headed down the road from the station into Farnham town. We were met by two wonderful Oxfam shops on our east, then headed west for the rest. I mean, like, there are a gazillion.

I knew the charity shop lollipop ladies were shining on me, clearing my path towards the treasure, as I found little item after little item that MATCHED THE OUTFIT I WAS WEARING! I was just adding to my outfit as I went along. So pleased am I with the accessories I am jolly well entering the whole shebang in to Style Eye’s Ethical Outfit comp. I love ethical fashion, I think our beautiful world depends on us finding harmless ways to please our aesthetics,  and I love how second hand shopping allows you to get creative with zero impact on the earth. If you love fashion you should keep in touch with Ceri’s fab blogging. 

Scarf: £2 Cancer Research Farnham (It is slightly too silky though- any good tricks to keep the slippery ones stuck on?)

Belt: £1 British Heart Foundation Farnham

Cardigan: Cancer Research Farnham (they have TWO cancer Research shops too- can you adam and eve it)

Shoes: £4 Oxfam Bromley

Blue Top: £3 Fara Pimlico – This was a size 14 but I just sewed the seams in by a couple of cm’s and it worked a treat. I feel now that the whole range of charity shop goodness, big and small,  is open to my sewing frenzy clutches.

Bird Earrings: 50p from Cruisaid Pimlico

Retro Skirt: £1 jumble sale.  This was a lot longer but I savagely hacked off the bottom, knowing I’d get more wear out of a shorter one

This cardi is a lovely vintage St Michaels number. A St Michaels label adds a certain retro calibre compared to M & S, don’t you think? I do love this black cardi, but it is 100% Nylon. What with the polyester skirt I couldn’t touch anyone all day without giving them an electric shock.

I also picked up these beautiful retro jars from Oxfam which just about made my day. I love the typeface and the fact they are Made in England, like St Michaels I tend to see  Made in England stuff as a certain vintage. Tim’ll be like “Lucy, they’re just ugly nineties pots” and I’ll be like “Uhhh, don’t think soooo- Made in England, see.”

(If anyone knows anything about England’s historical and present making industries and would like to clear this up for us, please do. ) (If I’m right, of course.)

As ever on a Monday I’m also linking up to the totes marv Liz and her Magpies! You must go and swoon at all their secondhand swag.

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  1. You’re such a stunner Lucy, that was awesome. I’d like a tutorial in how to wear a scarf and make it look good please!

  2. Loving the jars! Bomb diggy!

  3. Becca Williams

    I live in Hampshire and have never been to Farnham…but I will be today! Thanks love x

  4. Sounds like my idea of absoloute heaven. A stroll through the woods (did you find any wild garlic?!) then chazza shop paradise.

    Love the idea of adding to an outfit as you go along.

    So gutted I didn’t spot this ethical outfit blog hop sooner, but good luck – you look hawt (and not just because of the poly!). x

    • I knnnnoooooww. No wild garlic though, THAT would have just sent the day into the stuff dreams are made of.

      I had seen the comp but was too shy to enter til I saw Lakotas entry. She nailed it and inspired me to sod it and get involved!

  5. I love your style. Well done on your excellent finds. Also, please can you do a tutorial on wearing a scarf in your hair, I can never get one to stay.

  6. You look totally stunning in your finds. If I wore the same clothes I would look horrific. You def have the looks and style to pull them off. I could just imagine me in all that nylon and polyester walking round with my hair standing on end.

    Fantastic photographs (why has the gorgeous toddler only got one boot on ? )

    • Ha ha ha oh you.

      Well, I figure the blue silk top, made from worms obvs, balances out the oil derived garments!

      Ramona still has her little cast on. Imagine that though, blue knee highs, heee hee

  7. You look gorgeous – no help on the scarf thing though, they never stay put on my head for long either!

    I rather like your ‘ugly 90s pots’, you are right – of course.

  8. I love your outfit, you have fab style! Those jars are lovely as well!

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