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In some ways I am your typical modern hippy. I am a cosleeping, babywearing, breastfeeding mama with a nappy free baby, I reckon my parenting probably belongs in a cave with a tribe. I am in love with the earth, trees and flowers and wild swimming and that, and want to live in a way that loves it. Which has kind of meant I have stopped washing my hair and am creating a home out of recycled leftovers. I am addicted to jumble with a stubbornness that means I can’t buy anything new and RELISH revealing my latest thrifted swag. I love to craft; I think making stuff puts you in touch with your soul and generally feel that being eco-thrifty (as opposed to pound shop thrifty) is a beautiful, subversive political act. I have had hate mail, accusing me of communism. I was proud. Like a coming of age.  I am a ranty liberal, bicarbonate of soda loving, organic- obsessed telly-spurning, sometimes a leetle bit too dirty, hippy. (I hope none of this sounds smug? You can’t be smug when confessing to being a bit dirty can you?)

But. Alas.

It’s my eyeballs, you see.


They like style. They enjoy the absurdities of fashion. They want the whole world to look like the Mad Men set. They are 1950’s eyeballs embedded in a 1982 body.

I spend way too long combing my quiff, toying with clothes, admiring interiors. These blinking eyeballs really don’t like earthy. Browns, greens, a hempy vibe just won’t satisfy them.

I really think I COULD live in a yurt, I really do, but only with my Midwinter Crockery and some stylishly framed tea towels.

So, sorry, world. You only get hippy with a twist, a shaky hippy, one prone to wobble when faced with another unnecessary vintage dress.

And unless I cast out these rapscallision eyeballs of mine, it will simply have to do. 


My daughter, Ramona, on the other hand, now SHE is The Buisness. Proper bonafide hippy. Check her out in her knitted technicolour dreamcoat.

How hippy are you? Would loooove to hear about your most hippy or most unhippy practices!

PS I am also in the thralls of the internets, way, way, waaaaay to much. Gosh darn you Twitter, tarnishing my hippydom some more.

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  1. Some of my ultra conservative family members view me as bohemian for doing a degree in English, moving in my my boyfriend and trotting in and out of charity shops and markets. Weird really because in the scheme of things I’m a middle of the road sort, I love vintage and the kick against mass production, I like handmade things from recycled materials too! But I also like the odd new thing and the longest I can go without washing my hair is 48 hours. I’m a bleeding heart liberal though and I just can’t help myself 🙂

    Ramona’s knitted rainbow cardigan (sounds like the title of a children’s book!) is amazing! Totally magical!!

    Jem xXx

    • Woah what is it like having ultra conservative family members? I’d struggle feeling like I have to to explain myself constantly.
      I am fortunate in that my parents are stark raving hippies, just sometimes in disguise 🙂

  2. i’m a mish-mash too, can’t really find a suitable label. i love thrifting, eating organic wherever possible, do my own canning, cook from scratch, hang my laundry outside, only have on car in our family… am addicted to internet too. movies. facebook. blogging. love a little bit of each decade’s fashion: 20s art deco, flapper stuff, 40’s pencil skirts, 50s mad men attire, 60s shift dresses – think audry hepburn. but also love victorian bustles. there was actually a great article in the vancouver sun this week about a book called “Mad Women” that talked about all the underpinnings of that mad men attire – the girdles and stockings and garters. vacuuming in heels. looks great but can you imagine? no thank you!! same with victorian era corsets.,. always makes me think of “pirates of the caribbean” where elizabeth faints because her corset is too tight. or scarlett o’hara’s “mammie, i just have to be an 18 and a half again…” yikes.

    LOVE your daughter’s coat of many colours. so sunny. pure joy.

    • He he as I read your list of fashion items from the eras I was like “oooh yeah that, yeah those, ah yeah, shift dresses!”

      Seems like it’s technology letting us both down, bah!

  3. I wish I was a hippy and often feel left out of the lefty movement because, although I consider myself a lefty social justice-seeker mos def, I don’t often look like I am:

    1. I struggle to find the style of clothes I want from charity shops because I love muted colours and angular, harsh slick tailoring that is very modern. But I try and buy as ethically as possible and ignore the pretty window displays of Topshop, Primark etc
    2. I love bags like Freitag which is not hippy looking but an amazing ethical bag company
    3. I don’t enjoy cooking and growing food so although I try and buy as ethically as possible I can’t say I am a hippy in that sense either 😦
    4. I don’t like the countryside or hot, sunny weather. I love bustling cities and looking at views of rooftops and interesting building on a grey rainy day or staying in doors in dark cold cinemas
    5. I don’t knit or crochet but I do love hand embroidery and cross stitch
    6. I’m not a shopping addict at all but I do read lots of fashion-y magazines because I love fashion and seeing the innovations in new collections

    But I do and will always strive for a better world and continue to challenge politicians, friends, companies and others to be the change they wish to see not be part of the problem that is stopping our world fulfil the potential it has to be heaven on earth. And I love hippies! 🙂

    So what am I?


    • A hippy loving punk.

      Uh. Yeah. What these comments CLEARLY show is that it is so one dimensional to even use these terms, really. We are all a mixture of things, with eyeballs that want one thing, hearts another, hair another, ambitions another, heritage another.

      I like to think the word “hippy” needs reclaiming, kind of like the word “feminist”, so I do use them a lot. But it is probably just lazy to attempt to challenge frames in this way.

      What has cropped up a bit is the desire to be “low impact”- too leave a better, not worst world, because of our presence. And that’s just lovely, hippy or no hippy.

  4. Ramona is cuteness, kids get away with the hippy look far more easily than most grown-ups. I’m a semi-hippy – love nature, inclined towards hugging trees, can name zillions of butterflies etc but am OBSESSED with my laptop, and love nail varnish and handbags. Love folklore and legends in theory but have zero time for grown women who think they’re fairies (there’s a bunch in my parents’ village). Have grown out of skirts with mirrors on and am a rampant carnivore. Hmm. 6/10

    • Ha awesome.

      Really though, grown fairy women? For real?

      Six is not too shabby at all, eh. I have been thinking of a hippy questionnaire like your bloggers one, too funny. Might have to do it one day.

  5. Like vintage chritmas bulbs in the same box. Awwww.

  6. I’m a mixture.. Not a hippy, but I love to buy and own second hand. I have no problem with Ethan (my son) wearing second hand. Most of his clothes are either my old ones from the 80s, my cousins old ones from the 70s, or from eBay or the charity shop. Even his shoes are second hand. We did some babywearing, but I found it hard when he got heavier as most things are a good 20 min walk from our house… but we walk everywhere we can – I will always choose to walk over driving if possible. My husband cycles to work 4 days out of 5 so we only need one car (and usually 3 or 4 days a week it stays on the drive not moving!).

    I use a mooncup, have done for years now. I love it! I feel like I am in control of my period, not bloody always with their “happy periods”. I use eco disposable nappies on Ethan – he’s only ever used 2 nappies in a 24 hour period as I am a stingy Mummy who will only change it if he’s pooed or it falls!! So.. I don’t think that’s too bad for the enviroment. We’re potty training now anyway, so using Bright Bots training pants.. And his potty is my old one.. in fact, I think that potty may have been second hand when my parents got it. So.. he wees on a potty that is older than me..

    We don’t grow much of our own food – have a herb patch and grow lettuce.

    I can’t knit or crochet but I want to be able to.

    I think most of us are a mixture of things!


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