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It’s a vintage suitcase, er, stuck on the wall, y’know?

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Like most people in the world, I am in love with vintage suitcases. I bought my first one ten years ago and have been stacking them up ever since. I have a pile in New Zealand, in my in-laws attic, and I have, um, a few here.  I tend to see a room as incomplete without one, don’t you?  (Partly because they looks lush, innit. And partly because every room has lots of odds and ends that need storing.)

Sellers have totally started milking this though, at the vintage shop by my work they sell them for £25. Are you crrrrrazy? So when I found a cute little yellow number in our loft stashed up there by the previous owners,  amongst other wonderful treasure like boxes of casette tapes, a car wheel and sacks of nasty Christmas decorations, I was rather thrilled.

You probably know, we are slowly putting together a home here in Camberwell  using other people’s leftovers;  we have kitchen bench tops from skips, cupboards from the side of the road, furniture from charity shops and trinkets from jumble sales.  We are inspired by other recycled homes; we like to see our house as a creative challenge to consumerism. And also we are cheapskates.

So we were never going to go to Ikea when our desire for shelves arose. The other week we bunged a book on the wall as a shelf and were quite delighted with that. Inspired, we screwed the little yellow suitcase up next to it. And I think I love this even more.

Here is the vintage duck I found at last week’s car boot for £1.50. Also in the suitcase is my old art model, from whence I was a child, and a frame I found in a charity shop skip (as in, you know, their discards, not the one where people donate stuff. Yes, I am sure!! Bahaha.) This is some hardcore magpieing, right here!

It can take some weight as we used heavy duty screws. But we only wanted it for aesthetic purposes so as long as it can hold a frame and some scrumpcious ornamentals, I am happy!

Linking up with Liz and the marvelous Magpies over at Me and My Shadow. Me and My Shadow

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  2. Oh you’re good! You’re very good!

    I adore suitcases. I have a few but unfortunately this lady lives in my town and she generally snaffles the best ones first :0(

  3. Wonderful. Love the shelf idea and the book on the wall

    I too have lots and lots of “vintage” cases, wicker baskets etc. I have them piled up in several rooms too. Mine have my stock in them though : ) xx

  4. What a fantastic idea! Sadly i don’t myself own any vintage suitcases as ive never been lucky enough to come across any but can see the attraction and they are so fab for storage.

  5. Ah thank you Jane. My life seems to be a quest for lovely old storage options!

    (A tiny voice in my head “Um, why don’t you get rid of some stuff so you don’t have to store it?” A bigger voice “Yeah. I totally should do that. I might do that later. After going charity shopping again.”)

  6. Wow, what a brilliant idea, and I love that you have a place for your duck now!

  7. Oh now that’s a fab idea! Love it!! And it goes really well with the duck! x

  8. Love it! Hmm Ms Londoner, how come you own so many then? Cos even in crappy Croydon they price them high. Glad to hear you used screws instead of no-more-nails 😉

    • Well I haven’t bought one for months- seems to me they have all just shot up?

      Hmmm Croydon eh? You need to head east to West Wickham (know it?) got my fave suitcase there for a fiver.

      This would have been an IDEAL no-more-nails scenario! But husband got involved and now I have pesky screw heads looking at me from in there – he’s more with you on the NMN usage *sneaks about with tube*

  9. What a cool idea, I am on the lookout for an old suitcase to use as storage.

  10. It looks wonderful, and the duck suits it perfectly. I love seeing the way that you are decorating your home!

  11. I wish I could find lots of them in my loft!! A thrifty person should be able to tell me where to find merchants who supply vintage/antique suitcases :). Ive just built a website promoting them and all I can find is replica suppliers!! And advise would be very welcome. Steve

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