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I may have had the most perfect Mother’s Day had by any mother in the history of motherhood and Hallmark.

It started off in an unassumingly beautiful way- a card from my little Ramona and a house filled with flowers. My husband had put 150 daffs in jars and vases; sunshine yellow spilling onto every surface.  Fried eggs and mushrooms on toast for breakfast, proper coffee. How lucky am I, to have such a family.

Not so traditional
Then Ramona and I dashed off to Parliament Square for a quick protest. My heart drops into my guts when I think about what this government is trying to do to the NHS. Our imperfect free healthcare, the envy of nations, being dismantled before our eyes. How fitting to spend a portion of Mothers Day, my daughter and her broken leg, joining with some others, trying to save it. (You can too, with a click.)

A new tradition
The day only half over we still had time to race over the hill to the new Car Boot Sale in Dulwich. It is being run by the organisers of Rotherhithe and it hasn’t quite taken off, but my stars, I hope it does. It is only a 20 minute walk away from home and despite there only be a few stalls left I got some serious loot.

We bumped into a bundle of friends on the way so we were all able to have a good chuckle at the old duck who insisted Every. Single. Item on her stall was a collectible. We chortled all the way to the ice cream parlour. A huge cheer for bumping into people and having ad hoc boot fair visits and out of the blue ice cream on freezing days.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you…. the motherload:

This little procelain flower is a broach the size of my thumb, it was 50p.

This little dove is a Pomander- stuffed with dried flowers and meant to help your knicker draw smell swanky- from a ceramics place in Torquay.

This is Owl, Dove’s mate, bit of a seedy one. They used to hang about in rough corners of Cornwall, getting high on dried flowers, until Owl’s wink got him more than he bargained for.

These guys were 20p each- quite a bit less then these very things are selling in vintage shops online for at the mo.

I couldn’t hide my squeal of delight when I saw these two tiny wind up music boxes and the lady fittingly hiked up the price to £2 each. By that stage I already had a little haul from her that I’d paid for pennies for so I really didn’t mind.

We have now entered the land of serious money. £1.5o I paid for this old goose (£1.50 AM I MAD) but he just had such a cute little vintage look about him – and he is afterall, a collectible.

Now Tim is all “What are you gonna do with the wooden goose, Lu?” What am I gonna do with the wooden goose, HUH? What do you think I’m gonna do with the wooden goose, TIM????



(Yeah. Dunno.)



Got a few more trinkets but I bet your bored, I’ll save ’em for another time.

Think we now have a new Mother’s Day tradition.


Linking up with Lizzie’s Magpie’s on Monday and Apron Thrift Girl’s Thrift Sharers. Tootle on over to them for more eye poppingly bargainous stuff.


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  1. Nice haul. Is it on every week?
    Glad you protested. I’ve signed everything I can and have written to my always votes with the government Tory MP. Boo.
    What a wonderful husband you have!

  2. What a tip-top day. Sounds utterly perfect.

    I love your wooden goose, I hope it lays golden wooden eggs for you.

    But I can’t believe you bought pomanders from a stranger. If ever you need more, I’m your man for a pomander fix ;0)

  3. I love the little music boxes. That’s just the sort of thing that catches my eye.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and found some thrifty finds. Like the music boxes and the goose :))

  5. Great items, love the flower brooch and the music boxes. 🙂

  6. What a wonderful day. I love the goose, he’d look wonderful on display! The little music boxes are lovely too.

  7. Thrifting on Mother’s day and finding some great things would be my perfect way to spend the day. I love all your finds, especially the little tulip music box – I would have squealed too (but then I love anything with a tulip on it).

  8. Wow, sounds like your OH is a keeper !
    Don’t tell Liz about the Pomanders, she will be off again.
    Love the goose xx

  9. what lovely finds, really love the little owl and musical match boxes 🙂

  10. Lovely items! I collect pomanders and hang them on one of our apple trees in the garden.

    This week i managed to spend just £5.50 on 6 books, i can always find beautiful books!

    Aqeela xx

    (Found you through the ‘me and my shadow’ linky)

  11. OMG! The Goose is amazing!! Do the wings flap? x

  12. Well… Who doesn’t need a wooden goose eh?!

  13. Those little music boxes are really sweet – I’m not surprised you got excited when you saw them 🙂

  14. Liz has a bit of a collection of pomanders.I think half the thrill of thrifting is buying something thta costs next to nothing and the seller is unaware.That goose is so appealing I couldn’t of resisted it either.

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