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Bottletop Magnets – a quick craft

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A friend sent me some gorgeous magnets a few months ago and I instantly thought “Ooh, making these would be super easy.” (This is a pretty standard reaction from me- I have an engorged sense of self efficacy when it comes to art and craft – I’ll look at a Henry Moore sculpture and say “Baah, give me half an hour and a couple a quid and I’ll carve me own.”)

I forgot about the magnets until I saw a picture of some similar ones and Pinned them (Mum, it’s this new internet thing called Pinterest) onto my “Going to make” board. And you know what? I only went and did it.

I am a massive fan of varnishing things – it gives crafted things their mojo– but I have to say, RESIN is now where it is AT. It is the new varnish. (Which was the new laminating machine – remember those days of laminating everything?) It is like a beautiful, thick, non yellowing varnish.

These magnets were incredibly easy to make and gives me another way to use up all the tiny little images I find in vintage books and mags and things.

I am really happy with them although next time I make them I will be a little less stingy with the resin and fill them right up to the edge. I think my favourite is the cowboy on the polkda dots, or the super simple swallow, or the circus monkey saying HOORAY.

Linking up with the Pinaddicts Challenge – the awesome idea of each month taking one thing you have fallen in love with on Pinterest and whipping it up.  Are you a Pinterest fan? You should tooootally get involved 🙂

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  1. I LOVE those magnets. They are brilliant. I am def going to try those one day. Love that you can add words etc. Must get some resin. I love the cowboy one and the rose one too. x

  2. They are all lovely, but cowboy on the polka-dotted background is our favourite! 🙂

  3. Love the magnets! Do you think this would work with jar lids which you could then hang up on wall? Also how do you keep the paper down: did you glue everything first? And what’s the name of the resin you used? (as you can see I’m keen to try this myself 😉 thanks for the inspiration!)

    • OH YES! Jar lids would be Ace venturas!
      I used a Crystal Resin by Gedeo I bought from the art shop BUT I think there are industrial resins you can get from DIY store that would work just as well and would be a lot cheaper.
      And yep, glued it together first.
      Hope it goes well!

  4. I soooooo love these! I want to try them myself so you are now pinned! x

  5. Wow, these are fab! I have never heard of resin before but I might have to add some of that to my collection of PinAddicts craft supplies! x

  6. These are all kinds of fabulous.

    I’m so impressed. Plus, an excuse to drink beer!

    Where do you get the resin from? I want to get me some of this action :0)

  7. These are truly awesome! Yet another thing to add to my list of things to make. They are so vintage and cute and I need them in my life! 😉

  8. These look fantastic! I think I am too clumsy to do something so small and delicate x x

  9. Thanks all, loads and loads of fun to make!
    Resin is totes my new BFF

  10. I could give that a bash, they’re lovely… just need some bottle lids etc.. I made the colmans mustard pen storage on the fridge thing with the help of my hubby who had decided to join me crafting one evening to be romantic… he decided that was a manly enough craft to do because it involved magnets!

  11. These look great and easy to do! Definitely going to try this out…recycling as well! Nice one!

  12. Ooh resin! This is a new medium to me. I think another visit to Hobbycraft is needed. Fab make, thanks for the inspiration.

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