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My humble hoody

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Let me introduce some little guys to you. They belong to my favourite hoody, the jumper I have worn every winter for 7 years:

I bought this hoody when Tim and I first started going out, from a tiny little charity shop when I was visiting his neighbourhood one time. It used to be a size 22 but I took it home and sewed parallel to the existing seams, just several inches in, and got myself a new hoody that I wore EVERY DAY and am still wearing today (actually am sitting here wearing it.)  I can remember perfectly sitting at the table with the sewing machine humming, feeling so excited about my new purchase. I loved it loads back then because long jumpers were very much in but hadn’t made it to the shelves of second hand stores yet so adapting a giant jumper into a long and slim fitting one bought me right up to speed with the fashion of 2005.

It is a sure sign of old age when a hoody becomes an item of clothing you use for practicalities sake, rather than a fashion accessory. Somehow in the last year this has been the fate of my favourite hooded jumper.  I still wear it a few times a week but more for warmth or if I want a hug from a Tory rather than because I feel awesome in it. These days I prefer knitted cardis and thick wooly numbers. That is ‘cos I’m turning 30 this year eh?

Here I am a couple of months ago in the freezing but inspiring camp of Occupy LSX.

Mel thew down a thrifty gauntlet today asking us reveal our oldest bit of clothing. I have a few items of clothing older than this, another hoody that is ten years old and a zip up cardi that is 8 years old, but most of my clothes were sent to the NZ charity shops when we left there 5 years ago.  This hoody was one of the fortunate items that came with us  throughout a little backpacking adventure throught the Americas. The zip has broken a few times but I keep resewing random bits of metal on the bottom to keep it going.It has gone the distance because sweater material is durable, it is a pretty classic colour and shape and zips can be fixed/ resewn. Happily I think it still has a few more years in it. Legendary.

(Also, check out my hair, 3.5 weeks unwashed! Why would I do this??!!)

Got any oldtimers lounging in your wardrobe you want to tell me about it? I am sure you can beat seven measley years!

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  1. The hoody has impressed me BUT the hair has impressed me more. Looks amazeballs

  2. BAM! That’s a mother of a jumper – good on ya! 7 years old – time freaking flies eh? X

  3. Yes I can beat 7 years, but that’s because I am 42 lol But I will keep my secret relics to myself 😉

  4. Brilliant post and immense hoody! The type I would almost take off your back it’s so versatile!!
    This whole phenomena has made my Thursday very cheery 🙂


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