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Car Boot Sale: Vintage plates, lace and carpet skates

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You know how you tend to hang around with people who like doing similar things to you? As EIGHT of us hopped off the bus into the bustle of a South London car boot sale I wondered if this was a good thing. Will they get to the bargains before me? Will they naysay at my visionary nana jumper purchase?

As the bedelve (you didn’t know there was a collective noun for bargain hunters?) disbanded amongst the tables I forgot my fears and got foraging. And really, I needn’t have worried. The joy I felt at one friend’s incredible find of carpet skates (you slip them underneath your shoes for a good old inside slide around) totally outweighed the tiny pang of envy at another friend’s beautiful vintage royal memorobilia mug. I got enough Total Bargs to rate this up there with one of the most successful carboots I’ve ever shopped at (and you know what a fan I am)  – including that one I drove 12 hours too.

So here it is, my Sunday swag.

This ream of lace was £1 (I KNOW!!!!)

These plates were 30p each (I KNOOOWW!!)

These glass bottles were 50p ( I KNOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!) (Okay, this can’t go on, just imagine I KNOW next to each item.)
Roses from the garden- how beauty and mad is that.

This gorgeus knitted jumper for Ramona was actually, for real, 25p.

This true vintage navy one for me was £1.50.

There was an article in the Guardian this week about how vintage clothing is seriously hard to come by these days, I was totally agreeing at the time, but clearly people haven’t been to this car boot. The folk of Rotherhite were BRINGING IT today.

I also got this:

For 50p

And finally…

This plate was also 30p

Sunnies 50p each (I am always picking up old school sunnies which is good as I leave one pair on a bus everytime I leave the house)

Found any steals lately?

Linking up with the marvellous Lizzie for  Magpie Monday aaaaannndddd Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday– packed with gazilllions of finds.

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  1. OK. Is there room on the bus for just one more? I’m only tiny. You won’t even know I’m there.

    Wel Jel as I believe they say ;0)


  2. Lovely finds especially love the glass bottles

  3. Great finds, such bargains…love the glass the most! Amanda x

  4. Rotherhithe you say…hmmm. I do love a car boot, but I am extraordinarily bad at getting up at the crack of dawn. What time did you get there?

    Love the rose/decanter combo, looks great x

  5. I especially like Ramona’s jumper, you got some really great finds!

  6. Loving the pretty plates and lace oh and the glassware oh and the clothes, oh hell I love it all! 🙂

  7. Oh Gosh thanks everyone I feel so proud
    I’d like to thank my mum…the people of Rotherhithe…God…

  8. I love the way you write, by the way. You certainly got some lovely bargains. love the plates, the glassware and the lace. Where did you say this car boot sale was?

  9. great blog – just discovered you via apron thrift girl. I love the plates and the glassware and the sweaters – oh my! my husband and i were in London for the first time in fall but only as a stop over on our way to Scotland. i hit several charity shops there and found a few gems; but didn’t come across any carboot sales. clearly, this is a cultural experience i’m going to have to come back for!

    • hello! thanks for stopping by.
      yup you need to do a trip especially for the car boots, although they get a million time s better outside of london!
      I would like to come stateside so I can hit up a few estate sales – maybe we could house swap ha!

  10. Fabulous bargains – your blue plate is so spookily similar to my Bacchus here:
    We think it was a variation made by Staffordshire Potteries, does it have a stamp on the back?

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