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Ooh yes, a bit of formica…

I would love to be able to reveal our transformed kitchen but sadly it is still in flux, the last few bits seem to be just taking forevs. But here’s a couple of swatches of what we are trying to do…

This book case was a nifty £7 from a pretty massive charity shop, although most of you will never see it as it is in a sad, tiny, faraway place called Harwich where we visited one disastrous day to pick up our vintage-esqu fridge. Really, that charity shop saved the day.

This collection of copper tins is from the good old Sallies, the enamel dishes and teapot from that time we drove 12 hours in France to go to a carboot sale and the cute little cream maker was £4 from the Red Cross shop in Forest Hill. Although we have tried several times we can’t make cream with it, anyone have any tips?

And this lovely little hand coffee grinder was one of those gobsmackingly silly moments where we had been traipsing round charity shops having a wildly successful day when Tim said “All I need now is a lovely little wooden hand coffee grinder”. Next shop? A lovely little hand coffee grinder for £2. Beaut.

Here is a brand new old table, something we have been searching for for a while. We really wanted a formica table with drop leaf sides, with a lovely colour. Formica tables can be a bit on the small side so despite our searching we hadn’t found anything quite right.

Then Mum and Dad went to Whitstable.

Whitstable is a flipping brilliant place. It is just a short dash away from London on the train and is full of charity shops and antique shops, has a beach to wander along/ swim in (which I did that legendary hot October weekend) and fish and chips to munch.

So, my parents visited last week. They are great, my parents. My mum is a charity shop fiend, more committed than even me I think, and my dad use to have a hard time as once he had looked at the books he was a bit stuck. So in the name of romantical married excursions my dad invested in a record player. Now he can wile away HOURS scoping out old EP’s and classics and the four of us have taken those “Oh but the Fara in Shepherds Bush is a 9/10 for trinkets” conversations to a whole new level.

So here it is our formica table, withsome of our beautiful Jessie Tate Spanish Garden Midwinter crockery placed lovingly upon it. It was £55 which we were happy to pay for a 1950’s table in perfick nick.

Right, must get my skates on. Guess where we are going today? I hope to report next Monday with a whole lot more Whitstable goodness.

Today I am once again linking up with Miss Lizzie B’s spectacular Magpie Monday – if you like all things vintage and charityage you must scope it out.


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  1. wow, love that table and chairs!
    Your blog is the best I have ever come across by the way, a girl after my own heart! Sarah

  2. *Adds Whitstable to my list of places to visit*.

    Do you mean the Sheringham in Norfolk? Beautiful round them parts.

    Love your bookcase arrangement, I’m a sucker for enamel pots too.

    Thanks for linking up and the mention x

    • Oops *quickly edits post while on train* it’s Harwich, in Essex.

      Yes, Sheringham on the other hand is fab, Tim and my parents and I basically went on a opshop tour for a weekend and found some immense beauty.

  3. Ooh lovely THINGS! Especially in love with the table – so cheery. Good luck in Whitstable!

  4. Oh, I got a small red Formica table for £10 through gumtree and I was well chuffed. They are so good for kids eating and cooking and crafting in the kitchen.

  5. My mum is a charity shop fiend too.

    I love your table and your other great finds. Midwinter stuff is always good and the yellow table top sets it off nicely.

  6. I will admit I read your post several times and while I love the language have no idea what half of it means. LOL
    so I am going to add you to my blogroll as well and MUST come back to visit again.
    (I admit I peeked at the post below)
    L O V E the bright yellow of your table. I could find a spot for that in my home easily.


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