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Thrifty Thursday: The endless giving of childrens annuals

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Childrens annuals are a bottomless treasure trove of vintage craftiness. In the last couple of months I have made a cowboy tin, some bunting, several cards and upcycled a coat hook.  You can pick these up for pennies at car boots or pounds in charity shops that know their stuff; either way it is worth it. You simply can’t exhaust their goodness- you will save wads of cash whipping up gorgeous cards out of their beautiful retro graphics or if you have a bit more time you can craft up a gift for someone- the tin below took about 15 minutes and was lovingly given to my sister (okay, actually she just took it saying “Shall I have this?”)

They provide some great flashbacks (the Blue Peter one with it’s Grange Hill comic strip and epic eighties typeface) and an unhealthy dollop of sexism (sometimes I argue we haven’t got very far with gender equality and then I read Twinkle for Little Girls which stealthily teaches young females to bake and clean through cartoon.) The only problem with them is that they are so cool and old that taking your scissors to them seems quite callous. Get over this hurdle by snipping up the sexist and racist bits- soon you’ll be scissor happy and ready to craft!

The Tin:

Take a Birds Custard Powder tin and cut a comic strip that will fit around the outside of it.


Once dry give it a slick or two of varnish.

The Bunting:

Stay with me here, it’s complicated.

Cut into triangles.

Glue onto string.

The Coat Hook:

We had literally been looking in charity shops and skips for a for a bit of wood and hooks to make a peg rail/ coat hook (what do you call these things?!) for AGES.  After a few months we saw a bit of wood by someones bin and thought “PERFECT!” when we turned it over we saw that it already had pegs and was an actual, existing thing! Suffice to say we were exhilarated (just look at our sad, scavangey lives.) It was missing the surface bit of the panels so I cut out two bits of Annual and glued and varnished them on. They are about Dick and his snowballs. Bahahaha.

Hope you find some cheesey, sexist and racist children’s annuals soon!

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  1. Love these – can’t beat a bit of vintage!

  2. Then take covered custard tin to sisters house and never get it back 🙂

  3. That’s a top idea. I’ll be looking for annuals next time I’m charity shop shopping. Long live Thrifty Thursday!

  4. YAY! Looks fab! I have storybook bunting hanging in Levi’s room. It’s presh. x

  5. Oh no, sorry, I cant cut up my Twinkle I just cant. I know what you are saying but I was a nurse straight from school and I have to give Nurse Nancy some of the credit. Its a worthwhile profession after all.

    • Yes, absolutely, it is wonderful that Nurse Nancy was your inspiration! What a legend!
      I wouldn’t cut up ones that have sentimental value, I can’t even burn my own pretty candles, so you must buy specifically! Even then it is hard…

  6. Ooh I’ve got some old Jinty annuals that could be cut up. Another idea to add to my list. 😉

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