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Christmas at Poundland

I walked past Poundland today and saw CHRISTMAS HAIR CLIPS!

There is something wrong about Christmas going on sale the same day the kids go back to school, no?

But the funny thing about it was that I have been so focused on Fair Christmas Fayre 2011 this week that it took me a full 30 seconds to realise the wrongness. The image of a Santa head stuck on a hair clip completely matched where my head was.

Fair Christmas Fayre is a one day ethical Christmas marketplace on Oxford Street we began four years ago. And I really want this year to be completely and utterly amazing.

We already have some brilliant stalls confirmed, oldies from the last few years and some newbies.  We have got some super crafty craft cornery-ness in the making, with a hard core retro badge machine booked in. The poster is being completed as I type.Our Twitter account is buzzing.  (Well, it will be if you follow us!)

Well, that’s all. I’m off to style my hair with my new accessories.

(JOKES! I know Poundland hasn’t signed up to the Ethical Trading Initiative!)

PS I have just cross posted this from the Fair Christmas Fayre wordpress site. What a lazy sod, I know, and is it even legal? Have I just plagarised myself? Or just let myself down? The beautiful thing is though I only did it because I want you all to come and have a wonderful time at the Fayre. However, I promise I will (probably) not do this again.


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  1. Oh I wish we could come to the fayre this year (o that rhymes)! haha – poundland probably sells those things all year round…cheeky monkeys!

    • Yeah actually you are probably right, surely for a pound you can’t expect stuff to be accurately seasonal?!
      WISH you could be at the fayre, I’ll have to bring a bit of it over for you 🙂


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