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The writing (and a pair of flares) is on the wall

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When I was 14 a can of spray adhesive changed my world. (By world I mean bedroom.) Gone were the tatty, blu tacked up Green Day posters and up went all manner of random stuff that shouldn’t naturally be stuck on walls. A pair of purple velvet flares that didnt fit me anymore. Some balls of tin foil. Wrapping paper, letters, the necklace I made out of ring pulls. (Even as a tike I liked digging around in bins.) It all went up, stuck solid.

Recently I have gotten back in touch with that spray adhesive loving 14 year old, but in less of a 3D way.

This is a line from a Foy Vance song. You don’t know him??? Shivering timbrels, you must check him out.

This is an ancient pack of Happy Families.

We have decided to keep our walls bare with all their cracks and concrete and plaster imperfections because we genuinely really like that bald, rough look. And easier to paste things up. (Got any spare flares?)

It does seem a bit weird posting about something so trivial while the UK is rioting. So to add a little depth… the solution is clearly for more love to get walking around, then we’ll all be happy families.


Sort of.

But these are some links I have nodded along to- less “pointless violence by stupid youths” and more “awful violence by hopeless youths but maybe there is a point in here somewhere about inequality and life chances.”

Caring Costs but so do riots – The Independant

They don’t respect police or their parents – Guardian

Psychology of looting – Guardian

“…just because there is no political agenda on the part of the rioters doesn’t mean the answer isn’t rooted in politics.”

Yeah, yeah, the Indy and the Guardian? But, woah, what’s this!!

The underclass lashes out – Telegraph

So, peace and stay safe all. Let’s walk a little love up to some people’s faces.

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  1. “…just because there is no political agenda on the part of the rioters doesn’t mean the answer isn’t rooted in politics.”
    I like this alot. It’s what I keep trying to say but it doesn’t come out quite so succinctly.
    And I remember the discovery of spray adhesive well 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    I LOVE your blog, so inspiring.
    We’re ec’ing with our 3 month old daughter and we’re thrifting, car boot sale addicts too:)
    Our yurt is furnished with second hand stuff and I loved your car boot sale post… just returned from one this afternoon deliriously happy to have found the much longed for lovely,lovely big enamel bowl for washing eternally-grubby children’s hands! You’ve inspired me to post about some of our finds, when I have five mins peace and quiet…could take a while then 🙂

    Love Gina xxx

    • Ah, thanks Gina! So fab to get your comment. Just returned from France where we picked up some immense finds! Willl be posting ASAp about this awesome trip. Man, ECing while camping in hot weather is such a breeze- get a glimpse of what it would have been like back in the day. Look forward to checking out your blog! xx

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