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Flapper band for a lovely little head

Ah, maternity leave is the bees knees! I basically just make stuff all day, maybe have tea and cake with someone, loll around on my birth ball. It’s lush. I’ve also been initated in to the mums club with my two besties and my sister and their riot of rapscallion kids. Tomorrow it is a party for one of them who is turning two, so I whipped up some pretty head gear for her, 1920’s styles with a few bits of lace, polka dot fabric from a pillow made into rosettes and then some delightful buttons.

To be delivered in its own little felt envelope, with the wrist from the armpit slipper jumper.

With a personalised stamp and a quick knot she can undo.

This is probably the kind of thing you make for a little kid before you have kids and know how unrealistic it is for them to keep something fancy like this on their noggin. Oh well, I’m soon to become a more reality based maker of kids things!

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  1. Beautiful. Can't wait to see it adorning her beautiful head. I've spent the evening making ladybirds and toadstools for party cupcakes. Aren't we a creative pair?!

  2. Haha cooooool. I do love your blogs. Make sure you get a few more in before you pop k? 🙂 xoxoxo

  3. LOVE IT LUC… some of my fav work…

  4. Thanks team, sure enough though, it went on her head for about um, half a second tee hee! It's all about intentions rather than practicalities though eh…

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