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A spot of craftivism- Yoko Style

Friends over at the Craftivist Collective have just launched an initiative “And sew to bed”. It is craft based activism (I love it) in bed (I love it doubley) to raise awareness of global injustice (can I love this any more?)
The idea is that people craft up a patch on a global issue of their choice, then send in a flick of them talking it through, and a picture of their bed- in.
Never one to miss such a moment I got stuck straight in this morning in a few delicious spare moments I had free from work. So this is my patch:
Being 34 weeks pregnant (I know! Can you believe it?!) I am hoping for a world where every women can have a pregnancy as low risk and safe as mine. In the world’s poorest countries, 1000 women are dying a day just trying to have a child. This is insane. With a commitment to good, free and universal healthcare this is a problem that can easily be fixed. (Pressure our government to make this choice here.)

This is my bed in.
Do join in. How can you resist?


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