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A hole in the ceiling and and a spurting bump

Top Six things from the last month

  • Tim and his friends cut a hole in the ceiling with a saw and installed a loft ladder (yep, I’d have said that was a job for pros too but…)
  • We don’t have a single unpacked box left- in the main bit of the house. They are now all up in the fabulous newly accessible loft, woohoo! Yep, still unpacked and they’ll probably still be there when we next move but hey, out of sight out of mind and all that…
  • We painted the spare room and Shelley has painted her room and they look scrummy (makeover posts coming soon!)
  • Tim’s parents arrived from NZ to stay for a month (hence the hurry with the spare room), it is lovely having them here and they are even going to help us strip wall paper.
  • Ten days camping in the South Downs and the Cotswolds– in the coldest August Britain has had for 17 years (how is our luck?!) but still we had a beautiful time with some amazing friends and food – and some brilliant wild swimming spots. Particuarly memorable was Gullet Quarry – breathtakingly beautiful (and unnecessarily scandolous) – it was like being in an altogether different world.
  • Wrigglewriggle has had a MAJOR growth spurt. 31 weeks old now and truly living up to the name. Fists up in my ribs, it’s bottom has turnd my belly button into an outy, my whole tummy convulsing as if an alien is about to burst out. I love this wee thing.

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