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Signed, sealed, delivered…

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Well, how momentous has the last week been?! Not only have we exchanged, completed and MOVED but we have already started painting and decorating! Amazing has wheels can turn so painfully slowly and then all of a sudden it all happens in a matter of days.
Technically we have only moved our bodies- me and Tim have slept their for the last few nights but all our stuff is coming in a lorry tomorrow. This has meant we have been able to rip up carpets, paint the kitchen and pull off wall paper.
We spent our first night going “Uh oh. What have we done?” – overwhelmed by the mountain of of making over needing to be done before the baby arrives in November. But it is amazing how significantly action can change your frame of mind. Once we started attacking the ugliness, dominating that worst of the eighties badness, we began to feel better about things, and now we are positively stoked!
The grimness was so bad that I didn’t even take many “Before” pictures- I just couldn’t bear to point my camera at it. But I took enough to hopefully capture some of the transformation and, crikey Jim, it needs a transformation.
My next post will be the kitchen make over. From pine covered grime to shabby chic lushness….
In the mean time here is Tim looking pretty proud…

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  1. Hi Lucy, so lovely to read your blog. Love it. Congratulations on the new home and on being a mummy to be :). We have to keep in touch more often. xxxx

  2. Hey Tilean, So beautiful to here from you and that is lovely that you are enjoying my blog. Do keep in touch and let me know your opinion on things. I have some serious design questions coming up about things like my ugly/very cool sofa and would love to know what you reckon!!! Tee hee.Keep in touch! xxxx

  3. It's all so exciting Lucy!Bless you guys in your new abode.<3

  4. Hey Nat! Thanks heaps, come over for a cuppa some time! xxx


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