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2 different spots in 3 days and both within half an hour of our home in central London! We have had the best swimming times over the last few days – jumping in rivers, ponds and lakes amongst the ducks and the lily pads is the only way to get through this stonking heat.
So the first spot is to remain nameless (we had to have a pact, see) but is in the yard of an old church, on the banks of an Essex river, surrounded by paddocks and horses.
And the second, is open to all (every man and his dog seemed to be there yesterday)- the glorious and ancient Hampstead Heath ponds. More refreshing than a mint choc chip ice cream, even, and the only way to wile away your weekends waiting for your house purchase to go through!
As a result I have gone and bought the book I have been too cheapskate to buy for a year, with England’s most delectable Wild Swims in, and our mission is to check out every one within half an hour train trip by the end of July, and every one within an hour by the end of August. The livin’ is easy….

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  1. That's for sure – the Hampstead Heath ponds are perfect for these hot days and so close by!

  2. I normally swim in the mixed ponds but ducked into the womens one this week and totally recommend it- lily pads and flowers, a big wooden boat, loads more space. Ohhh, could so be there now!!! xx


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