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The owl and the pussycat….

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A year ago my little nephew Jude was born, and a week later his fabulous dad broke his back in a climbing accident. As you can imagine it has been a bit of a massively intense year for my sister and her family but Steve has recovered incredibly and Jude is completely precious.
They are having a big bash tomorrow to celebrate birthday and recovery with bunting, feasting and general celebratoriness.
I have been making a little collage thing for Jude, based on that old owl and lovely cat in their beautiful green boat. Made with the usual old wood, old paper, gel pens and sewing pattern paper but this time with a dash of acrylic paint:


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  1. Hi Lucy, I love your blog, what a great theme! I LOVE all the stuff you're making, what a lucky baby you'll have to be surrounded by such creativity. ahhh I miss No. 9's crafty times!

  2. Hey Rach, thank you! I totally haven't been as crafty since No.9, I realise that even just having a creative space (lots of room and craziness and crafting people) makes such a massive difference to my own motivation. When we get into our new place we'll have to start Make again and you can jump on that train all the way down to ours! xx


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