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Hopped along to the V and A after work on Friday for the Quilt exhibition that I have been planning to visit for a while. It was incredible! Who would have thought 200 quilts could be so ridiculously inspiring? (Plus it was their late night extravaganza so we got to play giant scrabble in the courtyard= much glee.)

There were some totally beautiful quilts from the 1700’s that used stunning, bright fabrics of cherry blossoms and birds, quilts that would have been totally on brand with the look I am currently rolling with in our bedroom!

There were also some blinking ugly ones as well, but hey, they were made by injured men during the Boar war so you can’t expect sweetness and light I suppose.

There were two recently crafted quilts that I think may have moved me enough to begin my first quilt-

“At the End of the Day” by Natasha Kerr – it is the main image used for the exhibition’s publicity and then Caren Garfen’s “How many times do I have to repeat myself”, who used screen printed patches (see pic below and lots more on her website), were just the absolute shizzle.
I was almost at the point of starting a quilt when my friends Amanda and Malcolm (the most creative couple in the world?) whipped out their own little project to show me, a huge abstract quilt made of felt, silk and beads that was based on one of Malcolm’s own photos of the rusty edge of the side of a boat. I was motivated then…but I think I was also a little overwhelmed. It took them six months of night and day labour. Eek.

I think I might begin with a midget quilt, enough to just pop at the end of the baby’s cot, just to cover those toes. Reckon I might be able to get one of those done in the 5 months left to go…?
It can be like a love quilt.

When Tim and I first met I started knitting him a love scarf, everytime I knitted a bit I wrote in a little notebook and did a picture of the scarf-o-meter. Then a few months down the track when it was finished I gave him the scarf and the book. It was more funny than soppy, honest. But he did know that I loved him a lot!

At the moment the entry in the baby’s book would say something like this “I am just beginning your love quilt. Hopefully it will take my mind off the fact that my back is killing me because you, my precious rascal, are lying on a nerve!”

Better dash as we decided to bake shortbread but I have sort of left Tim to it a bit. Wish me luck with this patchwork shenanigans…

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  1. Luce, you must check out one of my bezzies craftiness – I think you will love. All vintage, old, recycled finds!

  2. Ah, cool, thanks Mel, her things are totally beautiful!!


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