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Hey baby, let’s rock and roll…

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Just thought I’d do a quick house/ baby update for kiwis that don’t get to daily witness the progress (or lack of!)
House wise. We put the offer in the first week of March – it’s a delicious little 3 bed Victorian terrace in Camberwell- and it was accepted immediately. And, well, basically, ever since we have been assured that “the contracts are in the post” and they just never arrive! We are getting a bit mad, especially as it needs some serious beautifying and, you know, babies don’t tend to wait until you have a home sorted before bursting on to the scene. Everyone is on the case; lawyers, the estate agents, but apart from nagging all we can do is sit and wait. This is not my style one bit. Waaahhh. London has been filled with glorious sun this week and for every warm day we think “That’s another missed BBQ in our little Camberwell house.”

Meanwhile, my bump is growing, making getting dressed in the morning a bit of an ordeal as everyday I discover another faithful item that doesn’t fit anymore. (Although I think it looks less significant now at 15 weeks then it did at 10 weeks because my first trimester had me full up with wind. Mwahaha. Fart fest. Those days have passed (ha) for the time being.) I have been really lucky with no sickness and now my first trimester tiredness has been given the heave ho I have a new lease of life. Woop!!

So this first picture is me at 8 weeks. It’s the before picture really.

And this is me yesterday. At 15 weeks. (Shivers, that is almost 4 months.)

The difference is a bit naff in these pics but you should see me in the evening after a day of feasting, then I am as rotund as a little Russian Babushka doll. I will make sure the next snap is taken at 10pm just before I roll into bed, then it will be like “Hello Baby!”



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