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Car boot sales rock my world

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Seriously, I just can’t get enough. until about 3 months ago I thought Charity Shops were heaven, but they have been massively usurped in favour of the archaic (I mean really, boot sales and the house moving process are the only two things to remain completely untouched by the internet revolution) wander- around -a -muddy -field -amongst- a- zillion -Mr Bean- VHS’s- Sunday morning experience.
Tea cups for 10p, ammo boxes for two quid (I bought three, not realising their violent original purpose, eek… will plant flowers for peace in them maybe) and a A Dad’s Guide to Having a Baby book for 25p. Brilliant. We also nabbed a bread maker this Sunday and have been munching hearty home backed slices non stop since. It is bargains galore; grannies who have never heard of shabby chic and young men who don’t realise the beauty that rust and flaky paints adds to an item! Ha!
Of course, the other tantalising thing is that they are so rare and hard to find, precious jewels of Kentish surburbia. This also means that Charity Shops won’t miss my custom too much as I need a daily browsing fix that Car Boots will never satisfy. Win Win for everyone.

Get yourself a local paper and look in the Classifieds section ASAP, there is some 1920’s crockery out there for 70p with your name on it!

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